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Ready for What?
Ready for What? (December 1992)
Constructing Meanings of Readiness for Kindergarten
M. Elizabeth Graue - Author

This book looks at readiness from a different perspective, arguing that we must move away from the readiness-as-child characteristic so prevalent in education and the popular press. Instead, readiness is explained as an idea constructed by parents, teachers, and children as they interact in their neighborhoods and communities.

Graue describes three communities in the same school district: a middle-class, suburban town of professionals; a ru...(Read More)
Children at Risk in America
Children at Risk in America (December 1992)
History, Concepts, and Public Policy
Roberta Wollons - Editor

This collection of essays addresses twentieth-century historical and contemporary issues regarding children who are considered to be at risk. The essays explore the language of risk as it is used by the courts, the schools, governmental agencies, and child advocates, those who discover risks and create correctives for children who both need protection and threaten to disturb the social order. The tasks require an exploration of differing, often con...(Read More)
Shaping the Preschool Agenda
Shaping the Preschool Agenda (December 1992)
Early Literacy, Public Policy, and Professional Beliefs
Anne McGill-Franzen - Author

Making all children "ready to learn" is the first, and probably the most important, national education goal for the year 2000. What does it mean for children to be "ready to learn?"

This book is about the beliefs of the people who are shaping preschool policy. McGill-Franzen tells us what key decision-makers are thinking about preschool education -- what counts as school, who should pay for it, what should be taught, and especially, whether...(Read More)
Debate Over Child Care, 1969-1990
Debate Over Child Care, 1969-1990 (July 1992)
A Sociohistorical Analysis
Abbie Gordon Klein - Author

The Debate Over Child Care: 1969-1990 offers a new perspective on the pervading problem of providing child care services in the United States. The author traces the contemporary debate over the sponsorship of child care services and compares this to the past debate over the sponsorship of kindergartens during the Progressive Era. Klein compares the function of child care across societal sectors, and points out that turf fighting and imbedd...(Read More)
Equal Parenthood and Social Policy
Equal Parenthood and Social Policy (July 1992)
A Study of Parental Leave in Sweden
Linda Haas - Author

Sweden is the only society in the world that has as an official goal the equal participation of fathers and mothers in childcare. Equal Parenthood and Social Policy analyzes the government program which best symbolizes this commitment to equal parenthood--parental leave. With return to one's original job being assured, a Swedish couple has twelve months to divide between them so that one parent can stay home to care for their new offspring....(Read More)
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education
Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Education (September 1991)
Lois Weis - Editor
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Gail P. Kelly - Editor
Hugh G. Petrie - Editor

This book explores key policy issues related to early childhood education. Through the contributions of various professionals in the field, the editors provide a vision, practical and possible, of early childhood education in the 1990s. Part I delves into the complex world, both personal and professional, of the classroom teacher. The essays in Part II look at issues of the school community, including the roles of class, race, gender, and exceptiona...(Read More)
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