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Play and Intervention
Play and Intervention (July 1994)
Joop Hellendoorn - Editor
Rimmert van der Kooij - Editor
Brian Sutton-Smith - Editor

The first section explores why play therapy is used and what play's specific role is in the classical play therapy approach. The second part is devoted to experimental play programs for different types of children with special needs. In the last section, the effects of modern play approaches in primary schools are discussed as well as the influence of these play interventions on cognitive and social skills. This is a book for practitioners and th...(Read More)
Power and Emotion in Infant-Toddler Day Care
Power and Emotion in Infant-Toddler Day Care (July 1994)
Robin Lynn Leavitt - Author

"The book is quite powerful. I couldn't put it down! I read it every chance I got. I love the way it brings together several theories, real examples, and frank discussion to paint a picture of life for toddlers in child care. We have not examined the daily lives of children in care closely enough. The issues raised here are vital to healthy development."-- Kimberlee Whaley, Ohio State University, Laboratory for Child and Family Studies

Robin ...(Read More)
Playing Favorites
Playing Favorites (April 1994)
Gifted Education and the Disruption of Community
Mara Sapon-Shevin - Author

Playing Favorites examines the ways in which gifted education disrupts the classroom community, deskills regular classroom teachers, limits their ability and willingness to meet individual needs, and impairs the creation of a climate of inclusion and acceptance of difference. Sapon-Shevin shows here that current models of gifted education are elitist and meritocratic, treating some children, not just differently than others, but better; and ...(Read More)
Children's Play in Child Care Settings
Children's Play in Child Care Settings (February 1994)
Hillel Goelman - Editor
Ellen Vineberg Jacobs - Editor

How do children play in different kinds of child care settings? How do child care environments influence their play? How do special-needs children play in integrated and in segregated child care settings? How do adults influence play in child care environments? And what are the long term effects of children’s play in child care? These are among the questions addressed by the psychologists and educators who have contributed to this book.
Re...(Read More)
Children's Play in Diverse Cultures
Children's Play in Diverse Cultures (January 1994)
Jaipaul L. Roopnarine - Editor
James E. Johnson - Editor
Frank H. Hooper - Editor

This book illuminates play as a universal and culture-specific activity. It provides needed information about the behavior of children in diverse cultural contexts as well as about the play of children in unassimilated cultural or subcultural contexts. It offers readers the opportunity to develop greater sensitivity to and better understanding of the important cultural differences that confront early childhood teachers and teacher educators.
...(Read More)
Visions of Entitlement
Visions of Entitlement (October 1993)
The Care and Education of America's Children
Mary A. Jensen - Editor
Stacie G. Goffin - Editor

"This is an important book, one that deserves a wide audience. It provides valuable and compelling discussions of the political, practical, and moral issues involved in advocating for the increasing number of American children being raised without the basic care and opportunities necessary for healthy social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development." -- Harriet Alger, Dean, Early Childhood Division, State University of New Yo...(Read More)
Children on Playgrounds
Children on Playgrounds (July 1993)
Research Perspectives and Applications
Craig H. Hart - Editor

"By focusing on playgrounds as a common theme, Children on Playgrounds offers some new perspectives on peer relationship research. As many peer relationships are played out (positively or negatively) on the playground, this perspective is particularly important because it is less visible to teachers and counselors. The inclusion of data from other countries will enable researchers to begin to answer questions about the respective roles of d...(Read More)
Parent-Child Play
Parent-Child Play (July 1993)
Descriptions and Implications
Kevin MacDonald - Editor

"This very stimulating book challenges many of our assumptions about the significance of adult-child play and introduces refreshing and insightful theoretical perspectives." -- Andrew J. Stremmel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

This book provides the latest research and theory in the area of children's play with their parents. It includes discussions of the basic processes involved in parent-child play, parent-child play...(Read More)
Pretending at Home
Pretending at Home (July 1993)
Early Development in a Sociocultural Context
Wendy L. Haight - Author
Peggy J. Miller - Author

"Pretending at Home provides a close look at how young, middle-class, Euroamerican children and their mothers engage in pretend play. Haight and Miller argue that pretend play is, from its origins, a social, not a solitary, activity. The rich analysis of the play episodes of nine children and their caregivers over the first few years of their lives together yields a very solid portrayal of the development of pretend play. The volume contri...(Read More)
The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth
The Degeneracy Crisis and Victorian Youth (January 1993)
Thomas E. Jordan - Author

"Jordan reminds us that history, policy, and economics are great shaping forces in terms of setting ceilings on what children can be. There is much here that is important to scholars in child growth and development. But most important is that we are reminded of the plight of poor children today as well as yesterday." -- Margaret Yonemura, State University of New York, Binghamton

A book in the ecology of child development, The Degeneracy ...(Read More)
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