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The Illusion of Choice
The Illusion of Choice (December 1992)
How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny
Andrew Bard Schmookler - Author

"Hundreds of books discuss the market, but none with this kind of criticism. No one else has written with this deep an insight.

"Schmookler provides an extraordinarily deep, broad, and insightful analysis of the social, political, and moral consequences for our civilization of our dependence on the market system. With elegance of language, he shows how the market presents the illusion of choice while its dynamics determine our mores and our...(Read More)
Photonic Technology and Industrial Policy
Photonic Technology and Industrial Policy (November 1992)
U.S. Responses to Technological Change
Ernest Sternberg - Author

A revolutionary technological development of the late twentieth century, photonics embraces lasers, fiber optics, imaging devices, and optical applications to computing. It affects the fortunes of numerous industries and, other than conventional microelectronics, may now be the leading arena for worldwide technological rivalry. While Japan has seen its photonic industries grow faster than any other high technology sector, the United States, where ...(Read More)
A Decade of Deficits
A Decade of Deficits (July 1992)
Congressional Thought and Fiscal Action
Steven E. Schier - Author

Since 1980, the national agenda and the attention of Congress have been focused on federal budget deficits. This is the first book, however, to examine how lawmakers think about fiscal problems and to emphasize individual legislators' economic beliefs. Based on interviews with 110 members of Congress, the book includes an assessment of Congress's capacity to make sound fiscal policy in the future.

"This book gets inside Congress as few have...(Read More)
The Political Economy of Development
The Political Economy of Development (July 1992)
Development Theory and the Prospects for Change in the Third World
Berch Berberoglu - Author

This book focuses on the role of the state in economic development in a variety of Third World settings through an in-depth analysis of the past several decades. Berberoglu examines three major alternative development theories: developmentalism, dependency, and neo-Marxist. He then critically analyzes these theories and their variants to set the stage for a detailed examination of various development paths.

Two paths of capitalist developm...(Read More)
Global Capitalism
Global Capitalism (July 1990)
The New Leviathan
Robert J. S. Ross - Author
Kent C. Trachte - Author

How have global markets and global manufacturing changed the balance of social, economic and political power? With this volume Ross and Trachte challenge existing political-economic theory. In concise terms they show how traditional theories of monopoly capitalism and world systems are not well-suited to analyze the emergence of global capitalism. This book, in a series of case studies of U.S. metropolitan areas, examines the dramatic transformat...(Read More)
High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech
High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech (August 1988)
Recent Industrial and Occupational Change in the South
William W. Falk - Editor
Thomas A. Lyson - Editor

Fifty years ago the quality of life in the 13 states of the Old South was judged to be among the lowest in the country. A lack of industrial development and the pervasiveness of a sharecropping system of agricultural production combined to keep the South mired in the backwaters of the American economy. Over the past five decades, however, the South has moved to the forefront as an area of economic growth. The authors show that significant improve...(Read More)
France Under Recession: 1981-1986
France Under Recession: 1981-1986 (May 1988)
John Tuppen - Author

This book reviews the substantial changes that occurred in France during the period in which a left wing president and government controlled the nation's destiny. In their quest for a solution to the country's mounting difficulties, the Socialists adopted a very different range of policies from their predecessors.

Tuppen appraises the recent pattern of social and economic development in France, particularly the impact of recession and the so...(Read More)
The Grant System
The Grant System (October 1987)
John W. Kalas - Author

"This book describes the various integral parts of the grant system with 'insider' accuracy and professional insight. The author has shared his many years of research experience to enable the beginner as well as veterans in research and public service to understand the real dynamics of the grant system as it influences, for better or worse, our collective society, individual lives, and probably of most direct interest for the grant seeker, the fund...(Read More)
Economic Aid and American Policy toward Egypt, 1955-1981
Economic Aid and American Policy toward Egypt, 1955-1981 (June 1985)
William J. Burns - Author

Gamal Abdel Nasser's 1955 decision to barter Egyptian cotton for Soviet bloc weaponry thrust Egypt onto center stage in the Cold War in the Middle East. What Egypt needed most, and what the United States was uniquely equipped to provide, was economic aid. For the Egyptian government--eager to take rapid strides toward economic development but crippled by a burgeoning population, a paucity of arable land, and a meager reserve of foreign exchange--A...(Read More)
Issues in Contemporary Macroeconomics and Distribution
Issues in Contemporary Macroeconomics and Distribution (June 1985)
George R. Feiwel - Editor

This important book and its companion volume, Issues in Contemporary Microeconomics and Welfare, capture and convey the spirit, fundamental issues, underlying tensions, rich variety, accomplishments, and failures in contemporary economics. It presents economics as a dynamic subject, showing its strengths and limitations, exploring alternative approaches, and tracing the sources of differences. The essays include original contributions by th...(Read More)
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