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The New Institutionalism in Education
The New Institutionalism in Education (November 2006)
Heinz-Dieter Meyer - Editor
Brian Rowan - Editor

Gives researchers and policy analysts conceptual tools and empirical assessments to gauge the possibilities for institutional innovation.

The New Institutionalism in Education brings together leading academics to explore the ongoing changes in K–12 and higher education in both the United States and abroad. The contributors show that current educational trends—including the increased globalization ...(Read More)
Education Empire
Education Empire (July 2005)
The Evolution of an Excellent Suburban School System
Daniel L. Duke - Author

Traces the organizational history of Fairfax County public schools in Virginia, from 1954–2004, revealing the system's record of academic success.

Despite the fact that more than one-half of the students in the United States are educated in suburban schools, relatively little is known about the development of suburban school systems. Education Empire chronicles the evolution of Virginia's Fairfax County publ...(Read More)
Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality
Foucault, Cultural Studies, and Governmentality (March 2003)
Jack Z. Bratich - Editor
Jeremy Packer - Editor
Cameron McCarthy - Editor

Applies Foucault's ideas to a cultural studies framework.
Offering new and unique approaches bridging the gap between cultural analysis and governmentality studies in the United States, this book opens up new lines of inquiry into cultural practices and offers fresh perspectives on Foucault’s writings and their implications for cultural studies. It provides critical frameworks to analyze cultural practices and strategies of governing...(Read More)
Gendered Futures in Higher Education
Gendered Futures in Higher Education (March 2003)
Critical Perspectives for Change
Becky Ropers-Huilman - Editor

Identifies gender issues affecting students, faculty, and leaders in higher education, applying critical perspectives to suggest needed change.

This volume addresses the ways in which gender takes shape in and is shaped by higher education environments. Focusing on historical knowledge and contemporary experience, the contributors identify several key gender issues affecting students, faculty, and leaders in higher ed...(Read More)
Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability
Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability (February 2003)
The Virginia Experience
Daniel L. Duke - Editor
Margaret Grogan - Editor
Pamela D. Tucker - Editor
Walter F. Heinecke - Editor

Using Virginia as a case study, examines the role that educational leaders play in the implementation of statewide accountability plans.

The insistence by policymakers and politicians that educators be held accountable for student outcomes has resulted in dramatic shifts in the responsibilities of department chairs, principals, and superintendents. Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability explores these ...(Read More)
Women and School Leadership
Women and School Leadership (February 2002)
International Perspectives
Cecilia Reynolds - Editor

International in scope, this is an unprecedented compilation of current theories and perspectives on women and leadership issues in schools at all levels.
This international collection of work by leading feminist scholars in educational administration from five Western liberal democratic countries presents “state-of-the-art” research on women in school leadership positions. The contributors focus on the need for critical reflec...(Read More)
Women Administrators in Higher Education
Women Administrators in Higher Education (January 2001)
Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Jana Nidiffer - Editor
Carolyn Terry Bashaw - Editor

Shows the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.

In this book Jana Nidiffer and Carolyn Terry Bashaw fill in the pieces of the story of the history of women in higher education as well as tackle contemporary topics such as the controversies surrounding women's education; the contributions of women religious and lay presidents and t...(Read More)
Coloring outside the Lines
Coloring outside the Lines (June 2000)
Mentoring Women into School Leadership
Mary E. Gardiner - Author
Ernestine Enomoto - Author
Margaret Grogan - Author

Presents new practices and ideas for mentoring women for school leadership positions.

Coloring outside the Lines
critically looks at mentoring from the perspective of women who have been historically marginalized in school leadership, and grounds itself in a variety of experiences, including those of women school leaders of color. Using a feminist poststructuralist framework, the authors deconstruct the mentoring of wome...(Read More)
Principles of Power
Principles of Power (April 2000)
Women Superintendents and the Riddle of the Heart
C. Cryss Brunner - Author

Shares perspectives from twelve successful women school superintendents.

Women who seek to be school superintendents or who want to improve their chances for success in the superintendency can clearly benefit from the insights and cultural wisdom of women who have attained the position. Principles of Power shares perspectives from twelve successful women superintendents and puts them in a cultural context that highlights what th...(Read More)
Balancing Acts
Balancing Acts (March 2000)
Women Principals at Work
Lisa Smulyan - Author

Offers surprising insights into the complex worlds of women principals.

Balancing Acts uses life history and ethnography to examine the lives and work of three female elementary school principals and highlights their daily use of personal and professional skills. Smulyan examines the principals' personal backgrounds and their effect on their work within the community they serve, their school, and the historical and social struct...(Read More)
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