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The Mantle of Maturity
The Mantle of Maturity (September 1988)
A History of Ideas About Character Development
Christie W. Kiefer - Author

Kiefer presents a comprehensive overview of the key historical concepts of developmental psychology—maturity and maturation. The result of this historical focus is a view of maturity that accounts for both the social forces shaping beliefs and the social consequences of those beliefs. Here is a bridge between developmental psychology, history, and contemporary society.

The author begins by presenting his view of the rol...(Read More)
Learning to Learn from Experience
Learning to Learn from Experience (June 1984)
Edward Cell - Author

Our success in life and living depends largely on our ability to learn from experience. Direct contact with things and persons affects every facet of our lives--behavior, perception, autonomy and creativity.

This overview of experiential learning explores the process of learning from experience, showing how it affects one's personality and offers means to cope with feelings of powerlessness and insignificance. The book describes the conditi...(Read More)
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