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Childhood beyond Pathology
Childhood beyond Pathology (September 2018)
A Psychoanalytic Study of Development and Diagnosis
Lisa Farley - Author

Brings psychoanalytic concepts to the notion of childhood development with a keen eye to discussions of social justice and human dignity.

Winner of the 2020 Outstanding Book Award, presented by Division B (Curriculum Studies) of the American Educational Research Association

Winner of the 2019 Critics’ Choice Book Award presented by the American Educational Studie...(Read More)
The Postconventional Personality
The Postconventional Personality (April 2011)
Assessing, Researching, and Theorizing Higher Development
Angela H. Pfaffenberger - Editor
Paul W. Marko - Editor
Allan Leslie Combs - Editor

Cutting-edge volume devoted to optimal adult development.

Postconventional stages of personality development involve growth well beyond the average, and have become a rapidly growing subject of research not only in developmental psychology circles but also in areas such as executive leadership development. This book is the first to bring together many of the major researchers in the field, showcasing diverse pe...(Read More)
Oedipus (October 2010)
The Most Crucial Concept in Psychoanalysis
Juan-David Nasio - Author
David Pettigrew - Translator
François Raffoul - Translator

2011 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

First English translation of Nasio’s groundbreaking work on the Oedipus complex.

In this long-awaited book, Juan-David Nasio, one of France’s leading Lacanian psychoanalysts, argues that the Oedipus complex represents the core of psychoanalysis as well as the fundamental constitution of the human being. Defyin...(Read More)
Integral Theory in Action
Integral Theory in Action (August 2010)
Applied, Theoretical, and Constructive Perspectives on the AQAL Model
Sean Esbjörn-Hargens - Editor
Roger Walsh - Foreword by
Ken Wilber - Afterword

Leading scholar-practitioners discuss the strengths, limits, and potential of Integral Theory and the AQAL model.

In a world as complex as ours, an Integral approach is needed to help sort through a dynamic landscape and respond effectively to individual and collective challenges. Integral Theory in Action provides the first multiauthored overview of such an approach. Integral Theory is the result of t...(Read More)
Psychology and the Question of Agency
Psychology and the Question of Agency (May 2003)
Jack Martin - Author
Jeff Sugarman - Author
Janice Thompson - Author

Looks at the limits of free will in human action.

Disciplinary psychology has failed to achieve a coherent conception of human agency. Instead, it oscillates between two differing conceptions of agency that are equally untenable: a scientistic, reductive approach to choice and action, and an instrumental approach that celebrates a romantic notion of free will. This book examines theoretical, philosophical psychology and ...(Read More)
Becoming Good Parents
Becoming Good Parents (August 2002)
An Existential Journey
Mufid James Hannush - Author

Argues that our struggle to become good parents can help us to become good persons.

Becoming Good Parents
goes beyond a psychological understanding of parenting to include a deeper explication of the philosophical (moral) and existential (spiritual) dimensions of parenting. It counters the contemporary notion that parents can be satisfied with simply being "good enough" in their parenting practices, which en...(Read More)
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity (February 2002)
Applications and Interventions
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor

Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.

What are the major self and identity concerns for early adolescents? What are the applications and interventions that can address those concerns, helping to ease the transition into later adolescence and adulthood? Providing a broad and interdisciplinary approach to studying the self, the contributors emphasiz...(Read More)
Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development
Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development (October 2001)
Martin J. Packer - Editor
Mark B. Tappan - Editor

An array of exciting new studies of child and adolescent development phenomena.

Unique in its attention to both cultural and critical perspectives, this book contributes strongly to the advance of developmental psychology beyond the cognitive-developmental paradigm that has defined the field for the past quarter century. It provides insights from critical pedagogy, cultural psychology, feminism, postmodernism, critical theory, a...(Read More)
Sexual Ideology and Schooling
Sexual Ideology and Schooling (November 1999)
Towards Democratic Sexuality Education
Alexander McKay - Author

Presents a comprehensive analysis of the debates surrounding sexuality education in the schools and examines their implications for the content of educational programs.

Sexuality education in the schools has become a key battleground in the wider social conflict over the sexual norms of Western culture. In Sexual Ideology and Schooling, Alexander McKay conceptualizes the sexuality debates as a battle between two basic but diamet...(Read More)
Changes of Mind
Changes of Mind (March 1996)
A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness
Jenny Wade - Author

An original theory of the development of consciousness that brings together research from neurology, new-paradigm studies, psychology, and mysticism.

"In this stunningly original book, Dr. Wade presents a theory of development that begins before birth and ends after death. She extends the boundaries of development in a way that leads us to rethink the nature of consciousness and the relation of consciousness to t...(Read More)
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