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Restructuring Development Theories and Policies
Restructuring Development Theories and Policies (September 1999)
A Critical Study
M. Shamsul Haque - Author

Explains and critiques current theories of political development.

In the contemporary global context replete with various forms of development crises, there is a growing demand for an alternative perspective. Haque explains the nature and forms of these current development crises, critiques the inadequacies of existing development theories to address such crises, restructures these theories into an alternative theoretic...(Read More)
Leapfrogging Development?
Leapfrogging Development? (August 1999)
The Political Economy of Telecommunications Restructuring
J. P. Singh - Author

Examines how developing countries have restructured their telecommunications in order to "leapfrog" or accelerate development.

Telecommunications restructurings are now seen as important barometers in the shift among developing countries toward market-based economies. They are often posited as helping developing countries "leapfrog," or accelerate their pace of development, and "connect" with the world economy. This book shows t...(Read More)
Big Business, Strong State
Big Business, Strong State (February 1997)
Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, 1960-1990
Eun Mee Kim - Author

Focuses on the paradox of development in the newly industrializing country of South Korea.

This book debunks the rosy success story about South Korean economic development by analyzing how the state and businesses formed an alliance, while excluding labor, in order to attain economic development, and how these three entities were transformed in the process. The author analyzes the paradox of South Korean development from...(Read More)
Community, Culture, and Economic Development
Community, Culture, and Economic Development (November 1995)
The Social Roots of Local Action
Meredith Ramsay - Author

A comparative study of economic development policy, and its relationship with local power structures and cultural and social relations, in two Maryland towns that have rejected development.

"This is a fascinating and sophisticated account of rural politics that is much more than anecdotal. The book is unique in applying theories developed in the study of urban policy (market, growth machine, regime) to the politics of ru...(Read More)
Democratization and Social Settlements
Democratization and Social Settlements (August 1995)
The Politics of Change in Contemporary Portugal
Daniel Nataf - Author

Examines the transition to, and consolidation of, democracy in Portugal following the revolutionary events of 1975, during a period of major changes in socioeconomic structure. Nataf emphasizes that not only political institutions but also the fabric of social relations were uprooted, and he compares the Portuguese case to other models of European democratization and postwar settlements.
"This constitutes the first book-length study of th...(Read More)
NAFTA as a Model of Development
NAFTA as a Model of Development (August 1995)
The Benefits and Costs of Merging High- and Low-Wage Areas
Richard S. Belous - Editor
Jonathan Lemco - Editor

Examines whether NAFTA will produce increased or decreased wages in the regional trading blocs emerging in Europe, North America, and East Asia as a result of its uniting of high and low wage areas and identifies the winners and losers in various labor markets.

This book discusses the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in terms of its implications for job creation, reduced tariffs, and increased investment. Alth...(Read More)
Manufacturing in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, 1500-1950
Manufacturing in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, 1500-1950 (August 1994)
Donald Quataert - Editor

This book provides the first comprehensive history of manufacturing in the Ottoman Empire and its Turkish successor state. As the Ottoman Empire evolved, manufacturing underwent an unusual trajectory. Expansion in the sixteenth century gave way to transformation and adaptation after the Industrial Revolution. Then, in the earlier part of the twentieth century, modern Turkey's attempt at state-led industrialization became a model for many developi...(Read More)
Contrapunto (July 1994)
The Informal Sector Debate in Latin America
Cathy A. Rakowski - Editor

"Contrapunto is a state-of-the-art treatment of informal activity in Latin America and, therefore, is a critical contribution to the literature. The authors are clearly among the most informed and insightful researchers and practitioners involved with informal activity in Latin America." -- Thomas Klak, Miami University

The informal sector denotes the small-scale, unprotected, and loosely regulated activities and self-e...(Read More)
Communicating for Development
Communicating for Development (April 1994)
A New Pan-Disciplinary Perspective
Andrew A. Moemeka - Editor

This book discusses the place of communication in economic development and social change, not only as it pertains to "developing" societies, but also as it relates to the "developed" societies where socio-economic advancement has created a pressing need for social change or the elimination of the dysfunctional effects of industrial development.

Addressed are historical development, theoretical perspectives, and implementation strategies and m...(Read More)
Communities on the Way
Communities on the Way (July 1987)
Rebuilding Local Economies in the United States and Canada
Stewart E. Perry - Author

"There is nothing else like it; the first of its kind. It has wide application in cities and rural communities of the U.S.A. and abroad. The epidemic of communities stranded economically by plant closings makes it extremely timely, indeed overdue." -- Nelson N. Foote

It's become an all too familiar headline--plant closes, employees laid off, another community plunged into economic despair. Stewart Perry looks beyond the headlines to our "f...(Read More)
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