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Participatory Action Research
Participatory Action Research (November 1997)
International Contexts and Consequences
Robin McTaggart - Editor

Presents an engaging introduction to the international conversation about enhancing social and educational practice using participatory action research.

“This rich and diverse collection of essays adds to our understanding of the potential of action research through its strong international perspective on this important topic.” — Dwight L. Rogers, School of Education, University of North Carolina —Cha...(Read More)
The Social Studies Curriculum
The Social Studies Curriculum (July 1997)
Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities
E. Wayne Ross - Editor

Presents a substantive overview of the issues faced in social studies curriculum design, development, and implementation, with an emphasis on diversity of purposes and forms of knowledge within social studies as a school subject.

This book offers contemporary perspectives on some of the most enduring problems facing social studies educators. The contributors systematically investigate a broad range of issues affecting th...(Read More)
Conversations with Educational Leaders
Conversations with Educational Leaders (March 1997)
Contemporary Viewpoints on Education in America
Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood - Author

Educational leaders speak out in their own words--stimulating, accessible, provocative--on contemporary and controversial topics that range from differing attitudes on diversity to the debate over character education to arguments about education reform.

Award-winning writer Anne Turnbaugh Lockwood interviews nationally-known leaders in a new genre of conversations about key issues in education that inform the contempora...(Read More)
Recreating Relationships
Recreating Relationships (February 1997)
Collaboration and Educational Reform
Helen Christiansen - Editor
Linda Goulet - Editor
Caroline Krentz - Editor
Mhairi Maeers - Editor

Focuses on two major themes: the imporvement of teaching practice through collaborative research, and reflection on the process of collaboration itself to understand its role in educational change.

The efforts of collaborative inquiry and community building in education are described by exploring a multitude of collaborative experiences in educational settings. The authors reflect upon many types of collaborative experi...(Read More)
Community Service-Learning
Community Service-Learning (January 1997)
A Guide to Including Service in the Public School Curriculum
Rahima C. Wade - Editor

Presents a comprehensive resource for those interested in youth involvement in community service as part of the public school curriculum.

Service-learning, the integration of community service with academic course work, is a promising strategy for enhancing learning and developing active democratic citizens. This book responds to the many recent calls for youth involvement in service as part of the public school curricul...(Read More)
Lives in the Balance
Lives in the Balance (October 1995)
Youth, Poverty, and Education in Watts
Ann Diver-Stamnes - Author

This compelling examination (by a former high school teacher in Watts, Los Angeles) shows how poverty affects the lives of young people.

"Lives in the Balance literally explodes with images of youth culture within inner-city settings. Through observation and interview techniques, the author's close-up look at the effects of poverty on children's lives is staggering. Just the opportunity to hear 'insider' perspectives provides ...(Read More)
Where "Something Catches" (October 1995)
Work, Love, and Identity in Youth
Victoria I. Munoz - Author

Helps people working with youth think in new ways about the relationships between work, love, and identity and how these interact within the socio-political processes of class, race, gender, and sexuality.

"This book offers stunning insights into the formation of identity. In a language that is at once Munoz's own--even as she acknowledges and extends the languages of others (notably women theorists of color, artists, po...(Read More)
Practicing What We Teach
Practicing What We Teach (September 1995)
Confronting Diversity in Teacher Education
Renee J. Martin - Editor

This book provides new teachers with concepts and pedagogical strategies designed to enhance the unique and individual characteristics of an increasingly diverse student population.
Focusing on the efforts of teacher educators struggling to meaningfully address issues of race, class, and gender in their classrooms, Practicing What We Teach goes beyond the realm of the theoretical to link multicultural theory to actual classroom pr...(Read More)
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula (August 1995)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor
Joseph M. Larkin - Editor

This book explores how to make teacher preparation more multicultural.

Very little attention has been given to the preparation of teachers to work in multicultural education. This book meets an important need, focusing on the teacher education curriculum, discussing how to make that curriculum multicultural.

The book begins by discussing issues involved in preparing a predominantly Whi...(Read More)
Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture
Educating for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture (July 1995)
Rethinking Moral Education, Creativity, Intelligence, and Other Modern Orthodoxies
C. A. Bowers - Author

Exposes the faulty assumptions that underlie modern education in the areas of moral education, creativity, and intelligence, showing how these assumptions must be changed in order to produce an ecologically sustainable culture.

“I am very enthusiastic about this book. The author has continued the high level of inquiry established in his Education, Cultural Myths, and the Ecological Crisis. The discussion ...(Read More)
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