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Making Writing Matter
Making Writing Matter (March 2008)
Composition in the Engaged University
Ann M. Feldman - Author

Challenging more limited approaches to service learning, this book examines writing instruction in the context of universities fully engaged in community partnerships.

In Making Writing Matter, Ann M. Feldman explores how changing scholarship at engaged metropolitan universities offers an opportunity to redesign first-year writing classes in ways that make students better writers. An engaged university commit...(Read More)
Grappling with Diversity
Grappling with Diversity (February 2008)
Readings on Civil Rights Pedagogy and Critical Multiculturalism
Susan Schramm-Pate - Editor
Rhonda B. Jeffries - Editor

Addresses the concerns of the marginalized in the American school curriculum.

Written for classroom and pre-service teachers who wish to adopt a “civil rights pedagogy,” Grappling with Diversity illuminates the diverse worldviews of people in our nation’s history who are usually omitted, marginalized, or misrepresented in the American school curriculum. In order to prepare young people to in...(Read More)
Anne Sexton
Anne Sexton (April 2007)
Teacher of Weird Abundance
Paula M. Salvio - Author
Madeleine R. Grumet - Foreword by

2008 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

The poet’s life as a teacher.

A Pulitzer Prize–winning poet who confessed the unrelenting anguish of addiction and depression, Anne Sexton (1928–1974) was also a dedicated teacher. In this book, Paula M. Salvio opens up Sexton’s classroom, uncovering a teacher who willfully demonstrated that the personal could also be plural. Look...(Read More)
Stories of the Eight-Year Study
Stories of the Eight-Year Study (March 2007)
Reexamining Secondary Education in America
Craig Kridel - Author
Robert V. Bullough Jr. - Author
John I. Goodlad - Foreword by

Winner of the 2008 AERA Division B Outstanding Book Award

An in-depth analysis of one of the most important educational experiments of the twentieth century.

Presenting the first complete history of the Progressive Education Association’s Eight-Year Study, which took place during the 1930s and the 1940s, this book corrects common misinterpretations of one of the most impor...(Read More)

John Dewey and Our Educational Prospect
John Dewey and Our Educational Prospect (November 2006)
A Critical Engagement with Dewey's Democracy and Education
David T. Hansen - Editor

2007 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title

The first book-length study of Dewey’s extraordinary text.

These original essays focus on John Dewey’s Democracy and Education, a book widely regarded as one of the greatest works ever written in the history of educational thought. The contributors address Dewey’s still powerful argument that education is not a preparation f...(Read More)
The Social Studies Curriculum
The Social Studies Curriculum (October 2006)
Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities, Third Edition
E. Wayne Ross - Editor

This updated third edition contains new chapters on important issues—including race, gender, sexuality, and multiculturalism—affecting social studies education.

The third edition of The Social Studies Curriculum thoroughly updates the definitive overview of the primary issues teachers face when creating learning experiences for students in social studies. By connecting the diverse elements of the ...(Read More)
Reforming Schools
Reforming Schools (July 2006)
Working within a Progressive Tradition during Conservative Times
Jesse Goodman - Author

Portrays the progressive school reform work of the Harmony Education Center over a 12-year period.

In Reforming Schools, Jesse Goodman discusses the possibilities, struggles, and complexities involved in reforming today’s schools. Drawing from his own experiences at the Harmony Education Center—a progressive educational center he helped establish in 1990—Goodman offers a vision of how to...(Read More)
Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds
Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds (July 2006)
Mary Aswell Doll - Author
Delese Wear - Author
Martha L. Whitaker - Author

Three women educators from three different academic disciplines write their “takes” on a range of topics not usually found in curriculum studies.

Triple Takes on Curricular Worlds is a groundbreaking exploration of curriculum studies that offers a new understanding of the “selves” educators bring to work. Three educators from three different disciplines write on issues not usually fo...(Read More)
Innovations in Teacher Education
Innovations in Teacher Education (March 2006)
A Social Constructivist Approach
Clive Beck - Author
Clare Kosnik - Author

Presents key principles of teacher education and concrete examples from successful programs.

This book offers a comprehensive, “social constructivist” approach to preservice education. Written in a clear, accessible style, it presents key principles of teacher education and concrete examples from eight successful programs in Australia, Canada, and the United States. It extends constructivism beyond Piag...(Read More)
Struggles over Difference
Struggles over Difference (July 2005)
Curriculum, Texts, and Pedagogy in the Asia-Pacific
Yoshiko Nozaki - Editor
Roger Openshaw - Editor
Allan Luke - Editor

2006 AERA Division B Outstanding Book Award

Disrupts popular myths about education in Asia and the Pacific.

Struggles over Difference
addresses education, schools, textbooks, and pedagogies in various countries of the Asia-Pacific, offering critical curriculum studies and policy analyses of national and regional educational systems. These systems face challenges linked to new economic for...(Read More)
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