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Edgar Allan Poe, Eureka, and Scientific Imagination
Edgar Allan Poe, Eureka, and Scientific Imagination (March 2017)
David N. Stamos - Author

Explores the science and creative process behind Poe’s cosmological treatise.

In 1848, almost a year and a half before Edgar Allan Poe died at the age of forty, his book Eureka was published. In it, he weaved together his scientific speculations about the universe with his own literary theory, theology, and philosophy of science. Although Poe himself considered it to be his magnum opus, Eureka has mostly been ...(Read More)
Physics and Whitehead
Physics and Whitehead (December 2003)
Quantum, Process, and Experience
Timothy E. Eastman - Editor
Hank Keeton - Editor

Leading scholars explore the connections between quantum physics and process philosophy.

Featuring discussions and dialogue by prominent scientists and philosophers, this book explores the rich interface of contemporary physics and Whitehead-inspired process thought. The contributors share the conviction that quantum physics not only corroborates many of Whitehead's philosophical theses, but is also illuminated by them....(Read More)
The Connectivity Hypothesis
The Connectivity Hypothesis (July 2003)
Foundations of an Integral Science of Quantum, Cosmos, Life, and Consciousness
Ervin Laszlo - Author
Ralph H. Abraham - Foreword by

Provides the foundations of a genuine unified field theory.

Ervin Laszlo, widely regarded as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, introduces the foundations of a genuine unified theory of the world in this pioneering treatise on the new sciences. In contrast to other unified theories that center mainly on physics, Laszlo's embraces quantum, cosmos, life, as well as consciousness. He delineat...(Read More)
Critique and Totality
Critique and Totality (January 1997)
Pierre Kerszberg - Author

Presents an original and rigorous reading of the entire project of Kantian critique, demonstrating the essential role that cosmology plays in Kant and those he influenced.
"Most pivotal in this book is Kerszberg's nuanced account of the relationship between the antinomies of pure reason and the foundations of critique itself. On Kerszberg's reading, the relationship between Kant's Analytic and Dialectic is much more complica...(Read More)
Reconstructing Eliade
Reconstructing Eliade (January 1996)
Making Sense of Religion
Bryan Rennie - Author

Provides a coherent and defensible interpretation of Eliade's thought which allows less familiar readers to approach Eliade with a greater clarity and precision. Foreword by Mac Linscott Ricketts, a leading translator of Eliade's writings.

"This is one of the very best overall defences of Eliade's ideas I have read. The outstanding scholarly value of this work is that Rennie has very well done for Eliade what the latter ...(Read More)
Inventing the Universe
Inventing the Universe (July 1995)
Plato's Timaeus, the Big Bang, and the Problem of Scientific Knowledge
Luc Brisson - Author
F. Walter Meyerstein - Author

A parallel investigation of both Plato's Timaeusand the contemporary standard Big Bang model of the universe shows that any possible scientific knowledge of the universe is ultimately grounded in irreducible and undemonstrable propositions. These are inventions of the human mind. The scientific knowledge of the universe is entirely composed in a series of axioms and rules of inference underlying a formalized system. There is no logical relati...(Read More)
Native American Postcolonial Psychology
Native American Postcolonial Psychology (March 1995)
Eduardo Duran - Author
Bonnie Duran - Author

This book shows that it is necessary to understand intergenerational trauma and internalized oppression in order to understand Native Americans today. It makes native American ways of conceptualizing the world available to readers.
"This is a book about Native Americans written the way it should be." -- Russell Thornton, Dartmouth College
This book presents a theoretical discussion of problems and issues encountered in the Nat...(Read More)
An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines
An Introduction to Islamic Cosmological Doctrines (July 1993)
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Author

This is the only book to deal with classical Islamic cosmology as it was formulated by the Ikhwan al-S'afa al Biruni and Ibn Sina during the tenth and eleventh centuries. These figures influenced all the later centuries of Islamic history and in fact created the cosmological framework within which all later scientific activity in the Islamic world was carried out--the enduring image of the cosmos within which Muslims have lived during the past mille...(Read More)
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