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Boston Confucianism
Boston Confucianism (September 2000)
Portable Tradition in the Late-Modern World
Robert Cummings Neville - Author
Tu Wei-ming - Foreword by

Argues that Confucianism can be important to the contemporary, global conversation of philosophy and should not be confined to an East Asian context.

Is it possible to be a Confucian without being East Asian, as so many philosophers have been Platonists without being Greek? Strangely enough, many scholars would answer in the negative, citing the inextricable connection between Confucianism and East Asian culture. Bost...(Read More)
The Kinneavy Papers
The Kinneavy Papers (April 2000)
Theory and the Study of Discourse
Lynn Worsham - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Gary A. Olson - Editor

Award-winning essays in the field of rhetoric and composition.

Documenting an era of dramatic change and growth in the sophistication of scholarship in rhetoric and composition studies, this book includes essays which find in contemporary theory the language to ask new questions, to reframe existing problems, and to move beyond current impasses in thought and action. The different perspectives offer a stand against current backlash the...(Read More)
Acts of Arguing
Acts of Arguing (November 1999)
A Rhetorical Model of Argument
Christopher W. Tindale - Author

Approaches recent innovations in argumentation theory from a primarily rhetorical perspective.

The revival of argumentation theory in the past few decades has focused on its logical and dialectical dimensions, with less attention paid to rhetorical features. This book explores and then redresses this imbalance. Tindale examines important logical and dialectical innovations in recent argumentation theory and shows that they depend impl...(Read More)
One-Sided Arguments
One-Sided Arguments (August 1999)
A Dialectical Analysis of Bias
Douglas Walton - Author

A practical manual for evaluating bias that will be useful to anyone who has to deal with arguments, whether in academic reading or writing, or in everyday conversation.

"Walton tends to write books that need to be written, and in many cases he leads the field by being the first to draw attention to a topic that has been inadequately treated or not appreciated for its importance. In this book, he reads beyond the superfi...(Read More)
Awakening to Spirit
Awakening to Spirit (July 1999)
On Life, Illumination, and Being
Lee Irwin - Author

Awakening to Spirit explores the nature of spirituality in the postmodern age as a personal journey within a living, responsive cosmos. In a world of multiple religious traditions, spiritual ambiguity, and widespread secular atheism, Lee Irwin offers a non-traditional view of spirituality that's intrinsic to personal growth and development.

He presents Ten Principles that reflect stages of spiritual growth and culminate in a mystical e...(Read More)
Paradise and Paradigm
Paradise and Paradigm (May 1999)
Key Symbols in Persian Christianity and the Baha'i Faith
Christopher Buck - Author

Comparing paradise imagery in two Persian religions, early Syriac Christianity and the Baha'i Faith, this work contributes to religious studies methodology by introducing "symbolic paradigm analysis."

If the Baha'i Faith has a specialist in comparative religion, it is Christopher Buck … This volume is certainly … the best comparative work on the Baha'i Faith and another religious tradition...(Read More)
Rediscovering God with Transcendental Argument
Rediscovering God with Transcendental Argument (May 1999)
A Contemporary Interpretation of Monistic Kashmiri Saiva Philosophy
David Peter Lawrence - Author

Provides a comparative philosophical study of the thought of the two principle theorists of monistic Kashmiri Shaivism, Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta, and also formulates a conception of the nature of philosophy as a means of intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

"Other scholars have written on Utpaladeva, Abhinavagupta, and other philosophical giants in the tradition of monistic Shaiva thought. But there is ve...(Read More)
Che Bella Figura!
Che Bella Figura! (April 1999)
The Power of Performance in an Italian Ladies' Club in Chicago
Gloria Nardini - Author

A colorful ethnography of an Italian ladies' club, this book explores the historical and linguistic importance of the women's language and behavior.

Literally translated, fare bella figura means "to make a beautiful figure," and figuratively it refers to the act of putting on a good show, performance, or display. The author uncovers the "real rules" of an Italian "ladies'" club by analyzing their language and behavior. In so do...(Read More)
Perspectives on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in a Postmodern World
Perspectives on Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in a Postmodern World (April 1999)
Lise Buranen - Editor
Alice M. Roy - Editor
Andrea Lunsford - Foreword by

Offers a wealth of thinking about the complex and often contradictory definitions surrounding the concepts of plagiarism and intellectual property.

"...discursive practices may not be as easy to label as we once thought, nor have we sufficiently thought through the issues surrounding agency, action, and authoring--and the ways in which these issues frame and shape our ideas of plagiarism....Contemporary concepts of plag...(Read More)
Re Visioning Composition Textbooks
Re Visioning Composition Textbooks (April 1999)
Conflicts of Culture, Ideology, and Pedagogy
Xin Liu Gale - Editor
Fredric G. Gale - Editor

Explores the cultures, ideologies, traditions, and the material and political conditions that influence the writing and publishing of textbooks.

An exploration of the sometimes tenuous relationship between textbooks and the discipline of composition and rhetoric, (Re)Visioning Composition Textbooks critically scrutinizes the culture of textbooks from the vantage point of scholars and teachers. It examines a variet...(Read More)
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