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Religious Studies and Comparative Methodology
Religious Studies and Comparative Methodology (September 2005)
The Case for Reciprocal Illumination
Arvind Sharma - Author

A contribution to the methodology of religious studies, this work discusses using comparison to provide mutual illumination among religious traditions while avoiding the problem of assimilating one tradition to another.

Comparison is at the heart of religious studies as a discipline and foundational to the field's methodology. In this book, Arvind Sharma introduces the term "reciprocal illumination" to descr...(Read More)
Islam in Modern Turkey
Islam in Modern Turkey (August 2005)
An Intellectual Biography of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Sukran Vahide - Author
Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi' - Edited and with an introduction by

A biography of the prominent Turkish theologian and thinker.

Islam in Modern Turkey presents one of the most comprehensive studies in English of the seminal Turkish thinker and theologian, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1876–1960). A devout Muslim who strongly believed in peacefully coexisting with the West, Nursi inspired a faith movement that has played a vital role in the revival of Islam in Turkey and now num...(Read More)
The Deities Are Many
The Deities Are Many (March 2005)
A Polytheistic Theology
Jordan Paper - Author

Provides a theology of polytheism—the belief in many deities—using examples from a wide range of world religions.

The Deities Are Many
is a lively and learned introduction to polytheism. Drawing from both his scholarly research and his personal experience, author Jordan Paper is the ideal guide into this milieu. Paper was drawn to polytheism through his love of nature, seeing it as a source of the divine. I...(Read More)
Green Man, Earth Angel
Green Man, Earth Angel (November 2004)
The Prophetic Tradition and the Battle for the Soul of the World
Tom Cheetham - Author
Robert Sardello - Foreword by

Argues for a renewed vision of the cosmos based on the centrality of the human encounter with the sacred.

Green Man, Earth Angel explores the central role of imagination for understanding the place of humans in the cosmos. Tom Cheetham suggests that lives can only be completely whole if human beings come to recognize that the human and natural worlds are part of a vast living network and that the material and spiri...(Read More)

Frithjof Schuon
Frithjof Schuon (October 2004)
Life and Teachings
Jean-Baptiste Aymard - Author
Patrick Laude - Author
Seyyed Hossein Nasr - Foreword by

A comprehensive introduction to the life and work of the preeminent expositor of perennial philosophy.

The first book in English devoted to the religious philosopher Frithjof Schuon (1907-1998) to appear since his death, this biography also provides an analysis of his work and spiritual teachings. Relying on Schuon's published works as well as unpublished correspondence and other documents, the authors highlight the o...(Read More)
Rhetoric and Kairos
Rhetoric and Kairos (January 2002)
Essays in History, Theory, and Praxis
Phillip Sipiora - Editor
James S. Baumlin - Editor

The first comprehensive discussion of the history, theory, and practice of kairos: that is of the role “timeliness” or “right-timing” plays in human deliberation, speech, and action.

This collection offers the first comprehensive discussion of the history, theory, and pedagogical applications of kairos, a seminal and recently revised concept of classical rhetoric. Augusto Rostagni, Jame...(Read More)
Religions and Cultures
Religions and Cultures (January 2002)
First International Conference of Mediterraneum
Adriana Destro - Editor
Mauro Pesce - Editor

Synthesis of Mediterraneum’s first seminar.

On May 28, 1995, at Bertinoro, the town where the great commentator of the Mishrah, Ovadiah, once lived, scholars from various prestigious universities founded Mediterraneum

Mediterraneum is a network of eight European and Mediterranean universities for the comparative study of Judaism, Christianity, and Isl...(Read More)
Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion
Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion (October 2001)
Tim Murphy - Author

Presents a radically anti-foundationalist reading of Nietzsche's philosophy of religion.

Nietzsche argued that metaphor is at the basis of language, concepts, and perception, making it the vehicle by which humans interpret the world. As such, metaphor has profound consequences for the nature of religion and of philosophy. Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion connects Nietzsche's early writings on rhetoric an...(Read More)
Going beyond the Pairs
Going beyond the Pairs (June 2001)
The Coincidence of Opposites in German Romanticism, Zen, and Deconstruction
Dennis McCort - Author

Argues that German Romanticism, Zen Buddhism, and deconstruction, for all their cultural differences, are three expressions of a universal vision.

In Going beyond the Pairs, Dennis McCort examines the theme of the coincidentia oppositorum--the tendency of a thing or relationship to turn, under certain conditions, into its own opposite--as it is expressed in German Romanticism, Zen Buddhism, and deconstruc...(Read More)
Alternative Rhetorics
Alternative Rhetorics (April 2001)
Challenges to the Rhetorical Tradition
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Sibylle Gruber - Editor

Challenges the traditional rhetorical canon.

Alternative Rhetorics questions traditional canons of rhetorical thought, and offers new perspectives on rhetorics historically overlooked within Western culture. Along with establishing new methodologies for investigating the history of rhetorics, the book also explores rhetoric's changing relationship with technology. By challenging the reader's understanding of rhe...(Read More)
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