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Comparative Public Budgeting
Comparative Public Budgeting (November 2010)
Global Perspectives on Taxing and Spending
George M. Guess - Author
Lance T. LeLoup - Author

Holistic, comparative analysis of multiple budget systems and contexts.

Increasingly, governments must respond to the negative impacts of global economic crises on their revenues to finance needed services, and the collapse of their real industrial and financial-banking sectors. How they respond most effectively is a new study area which demands sharing of lessons between nations on government fiscal policies...(Read More)
Deep History
Deep History (December 2006)
A Study in Social Evolution and Human Potential
David Laibman - Author

Blends insights from several disciplines to offer a general theory of social evolution.

Does history have a direction? Are there principles that unify our experience and show connections among diverse places, times, and cultures? Seeking to answer these questions, Deep History offers a fresh theory of social evolution while thinking grandly about the human condition. With his theory based in the Marxian and h...(Read More)
Utopia in Zion
Utopia in Zion (July 1995)
The Israeli Experience with Worker Cooperatives
Raymond Russell - Author

A historical, sociological, and economic analysis of urban worker cooperatives in contemporary Israel.
Although less famous than Israel's cooperative agricultural settlements, the kibbutzim and moshavim, Israeli urban worker cooperatives have an equally long and rich history. Well over a thousand such organizations have been established in what is now Israel since early in this century. This book provides a historical, social, and econo...(Read More)
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