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Grain Dust Dreams
Grain Dust Dreams (August 2015)
David W. Tarbet - Author

2017 Gertrude H. Dyke Award, presented by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society

2017 Ernest R. Zimmerman First Publication Award, presented by the Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society

Explores the history and present-day reality of grain elevators on the Great Lakes.

Grain Dust Dreams tells the story of terminal grain elevators—concrete ...(Read More)
Bridges (March 2015)
Their Engineering and Planning
George C. Lee - Author
Ernest Sternberg - Author

A multidisciplinary and accessible introduction to humanity’s favorite structure: the bridge.
Whether you are a student considering a career in civil engineering and transportation planning, a public official interested in the future of infrastructure, or a person who simply cares about bridges, this book offers an accessible and illustrated introduction to the most beloved feature of our built environment. Learn about engine...(Read More)
Capitol Story, Third Edition
Capitol Story, Third Edition (January 2015)
C. R. Roseberry - Author
New York State Office of General Services - Author
Diana S. Waite - Author
Gary David Gold - Photographer
Andrew M. Cuomo - Foreword by

A lavishly illustrated history of New York’s Capitol and its recent renovation.

The New York State Capitol sits majestically at the head of Albany’s State Street, a masterpiece of civic architecture and decorative design. Built between 1867 and 1899, it was the work of four architects—Thomas Fuller, Leopold Eidlitz, Henry Hobson Richardson, and Isaac Perry—who labored under geologically dif...(Read More)
Jamestown, New York
Jamestown, New York (June 2014)
A Guide to the City and Its Urban Landscape
Peter A. Lombardi - Author

A comprehensive guide to the architectural history of Jamestown, New York.

New York’s small cities are little-known treasure troves of American history. Among them, Jamestown stands out with a memorable and engaging cityscape highlighted by steep hills, brick streets, a remarkably intact city center, and numerous buildings of historical and architectural interest.

Peter A. Lombardi&rs...(Read More)
An Uncommon Cape
An Uncommon Cape (September 2012)
Researching the Histories and Mysteries of a Property
Eleanor Phillips Brackbill - Author

Three mysteries precipitate an investigation into an otherwise ordinary suburban property, revealing a past inextricably woven into four centuries of American history.

When Eleanor Phillips Brackbill bought her suburban Westchester house in 2000, three mysteries came with it. First, from the former owner, came the information that the 1930s house was “a Sears house or something like that.” Thrilled to ...(Read More)
The Landmarks of New York, Fifth Edition
The Landmarks of New York, Fifth Edition (September 2011)
An Illustrated Record of the City's Historic Buildings
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel - Author

The definitive resource on the architectural history of New York City.

As the definitive resource on the architectural history of New York City, The Landmarks of New York, Fifth Edition documents and illustrates the 1,276 individual landmarks and 102 historic districts that have been accorded landmark status by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission since its establishment in 1965. Arranged ch...(Read More)
Castles of New York
Castles of New York (September 2010)
Scott Ian Barry - Author

An architectural and historical tour of twenty-nine of New York State’s finest castles.

Often the highlight of any European vacation, castles have captured the hearts of architecture buffs and romantics for generations. However, splendid examples of the form can be found right here in New York, as award-winning photographer Scott Ian Barry shows in this architectural and historical tour of twenty-nine of...(Read More)

New York's Historic Armories
New York's Historic Armories (September 2006)
An Illustrated History
Nancy L. Todd - Author

2007 Building Typology Award presented by the Metropolitan Chapter of the Victorian Society in America

2007 Excellence in Historic Preservation Award presented by the Preservation League of New York State

Chronicles the evolution of the armory as a specific building type in American architectural and military history, and the role these buildings played in the history of Ame...(Read More)
Promise and Betrayal
Promise and Betrayal (July 2005)
Universities and the Battle for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
John I. Gilderbloom - Author
R. L. Mullins Jr. - Author
Henry Cisneros - Foreword by

Argues that universities can help revitalize poor neighborhoods.

Traditionally, institutions of higher education have been viewed as the gateway to a better future, despite the fact that so many of the neighborhoods surrounding them have been filled with hopelessness and despair. In Promise and Betrayal, the authors want nothing less than to start a revolution in higher education, calling on partnerships betwee...(Read More)
Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam
Cosmology and Architecture in Premodern Islam (May 2005)
An Architectural Reading of Mystical Ideas
Samer Akkach - Author

A fascinating exploration of how the transcendent is expressed in the spatial sensibility of premodern Islam.

This fascinating interdisciplinary study reveals connections between architecture, cosmology, and mysticism. Samer Akkach demonstrates how space ordering in premodern Islamic architecture reflects the transcendental and the sublime. The book features many new translations, a number from unpublished source...(Read More)
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