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Cultural Journeys into the Arab World
Cultural Journeys into the Arab World (September 2018)
A Literary Anthology
Dalya Cohen-Mor - Edited and with an introduction by

A diverse collection of fiction and nonfiction literature from across the Arabic-speaking world.

Cultural Journeys into the Arab World provides a fascinating window into Arab culture and society through the voices of its own writers and poets. Organized thematically, the anthology features more than fifty texts, including poems, essays, stories, novels, memoirs, eyewitness accounts, and life histories, by leading male...(Read More)
Between Argentines and Arabs
Between Argentines and Arabs (December 2005)
Argentine Orientalism, Arab Immigrants, and the Writing of Identity
Christina Civantos - Author

Examines the presence of Arabs and the Arab world in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Argentine literature by juxtaposing works by Argentines of European descent and those written by Arab immigrants in Argentina.

Between Argentines and Arabs is a groundbreaking contribution to two growing fields: the study of immigrants and minorities in Latin America and the study of the Arab diaspora. As a literary and...(Read More)
Arab Women Writers
Arab Women Writers (May 2005)
An Anthology of Short Stories
Dalya Cohen-Mor - Editor, translator and introduction by

A collection of sixty short stories by women writers from across the Arab world.

Consisting of sixty short stories by forty women writers from across the Arab world, this collection opens numerous windows onto Arab culture and society and offers keen insights into what Arab women feel and think. The stories deal not only with feminist issues but also with topics of a social, cultural, and political nature. Different styl...(Read More)
The Experimental Arabic Novel
The Experimental Arabic Novel (November 2000)
Postcolonial Literary Modernism in the Levant
Stefan G. Meyer - Author

Traces the development of the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present.

The Experimental Arabic Novel places the modern and contemporary Arabic novel in the context of the modernist-postmodern culture debate in the West. Tracing the development of experimentalism in the modern Arabic novel from the 1960s to the present, Meyer argues that it is possible to speak of distinct literary modernisms that have ea...(Read More)
Placing the Poet
Placing the Poet (April 1998)
Badr Shakir al-Sayyab and Postcolonial Iraq
Terri DeYoung - Author

CHOICE 1998 Outstanding Academic Book
Makes available, for the first time in English, the work of a major modern Arab poet, providing a framework for understanding his experience not only as an Arab writer but as a postcolonial one.
This is a comprehensive study of the most widely celebrated of twentieth-century Iraqi writers, Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, whose premature death in 1964 from Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) was lamented in c...(Read More)
Desert Songs
Desert Songs (July 1996)
Western Images of Morocco and Moroccan Images of the West
John Maier - Author

Examines American and Middle Eastern texts in studies of Orientalism and Occidentalism, and argues for a new approach to cultural studies that incorporates a wider variety of materials.

In an unusual approach to cultural studies, John Maier examines a wide variety of modern Western and Eastern texts. He brings together very different forms of cultural production: modern and postmodern fiction and folktales, advertisin...(Read More)
The Bedouins and the Desert
The Bedouins and the Desert (October 1995)
Aspects of Nomadic Life in the Arab East
Jibrail S. Jabbur - Author
Suhayl J. Jabbur - Editor
Lawrence I. Conrad - Editor/translator

An extensively illustrated account of traditional bedouin life in the Arab east that extends from desert wildlife and lore on the camel to marriage customs and the history of the enigmatic tribe of Slayb.

"I need scarcely say how important this book's subject is for anyone who wishes to understand the society and culture of the Arab peoples. There have been a number of important studies in European languages about aspect...(Read More)
The Book in the Islamic World
The Book in the Islamic World (July 1995)
The Written Word and Communication in the Middle East
George N. Atiyeh - Editor

This book explores Muslims' conception of themselves as "the people of the book" and explains the multifaceted meanings of this concept. Published jointly with the Library of Congress, it is an illustrated history of the book and the written word in the Islamic world.
"The scholarship is sound, persuasive, interesting, and compelling. Most attractive to me is the breadth of the book. It is pleasantly instructive, and with the various illu...(Read More)
Arab Women Novelists
Arab Women Novelists (March 1995)
The Formative Years and Beyond
Joseph T. Zeidan - Author

This book assesses the contribution of women to the Arabic novel, both in subject matter and form. It begins by tracing the struggle over women's rights in the Arab world, particularly the gradual improvement in women's access to education--the first area in which women made significant gains. Subsequent chapters discuss Arab women writers' remarkable talents and determination to overcome the barriers of a male-dominated culture; survey the 1950s ...(Read More)
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