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All the World Is Awry
All the World Is Awry (December 2021)
Al-Ma‛arrī and the Luzūmiyyāt, Revisited
R. Kevin Lacey - Author

Examines the thought of Abū al-‛Alā’ al-Ma‛arrī (973–1057 CE) within the broader context of the major trends in Arab Islamic political and intellectual history by the time of his flourishing.

Free-thinking poet, grammarian, social critic, and satirist, Abū al-‛Alā' al-Ma‛arrī (973–1057 CE) remains one of the more celebrated and intriguing personalities in the history of Arab Islami...(Read More)
Cultural Journeys into the Arab World
Cultural Journeys into the Arab World (September 2018)
A Literary Anthology
Dalya Cohen-Mor - Edited and with an introduction by

A diverse collection of fiction and nonfiction literature from across the Arabic-speaking world.

Cultural Journeys into the Arab World provides a fascinating window into Arab culture and society through the voices of its own writers and poets. Organized thematically, the anthology features more than fifty texts, including poems, essays, stories, novels, memoirs, eyewitness accounts, and life histories, by leading male...(Read More)
Cultures of Arab Schooling
Cultures of Arab Schooling (October 2006)
Critical Ethnographies from Egypt
Linda Herrera - Editor
Carlos Alberto Torres - Editor

Offers a rare glimpse into schools in contemporary Egypt.

Little is known regarding the inner workings of the educational systems of most Arab countries. Cultures of Arab Schooling fills this void using critical social theory to offer a rare glimpse into schools in contemporary Egypt. Giving voice to the educators and students through personal testimonies, the book sheds new light on issues of educational qua...(Read More)
The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies
The Public Sphere in Muslim Societies (July 2002)
Miriam Hoexter - Editor
Shmuel N. Eisenstadt - Editor
Nehemia Levtzion - Editor

Multidisciplinary examination of the public sphere in “traditional” Muslim society.

Challenging conventional assumptions, the contributors to this interdisciplinary volume argue that premodern Muslim societies had diverse and changing varieties of public spheres, constructed according to premises different from those of Western societies. The public sphere, conceptualized as a separate and autonomous sphere ...(Read More)
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change (May 1999)
Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel
Mohammed Abu-Nimer - Author

"In his in-depth examination of intervention models in Israel, Abu-Nimer provides a fresh insight into the important role of dialogue in conflict resolution. This comprehensive study will not only serve as a useful guide for future Arab-Israeli dialogues, but also a framework for other citizen diplomacy programs in areas of conflict around the world."
-- John W. McDonald, Ambassador, and Chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track D...(Read More)
An Ottoman Century
An Ottoman Century (August 1996)
The District of Jerusalem in the 1600s
Dror Ze'evi - Author

This sweeping look at the city and the District of Jerusalem in the 17th century paints a vivid picture of life in an Ottoman province.

"This is a truly outstanding book; it is very interesting, in fact, fascinating. The author effectively weaves theory with evidence from the District of Jerusalem into a smooth, convincing, and very readable narrative. The debate over the nature of the 'Islamic city' is innovative and b...(Read More)
The Bedouins and the Desert
The Bedouins and the Desert (October 1995)
Aspects of Nomadic Life in the Arab East
Jibrail S. Jabbur - Author
Suhayl J. Jabbur - Editor
Lawrence I. Conrad - Editor/translator

An extensively illustrated account of traditional bedouin life in the Arab east that extends from desert wildlife and lore on the camel to marriage customs and the history of the enigmatic tribe of Slayb.

"I need scarcely say how important this book's subject is for anyone who wishes to understand the society and culture of the Arab peoples. There have been a number of important studies in European languages about aspect...(Read More)
The Book in the Islamic World
The Book in the Islamic World (July 1995)
The Written Word and Communication in the Middle East
George N. Atiyeh - Editor

This book explores Muslims' conception of themselves as "the people of the book" and explains the multifaceted meanings of this concept. Published jointly with the Library of Congress, it is an illustrated history of the book and the written word in the Islamic world.
"The scholarship is sound, persuasive, interesting, and compelling. Most attractive to me is the breadth of the book. It is pleasantly instructive, and with the various illu...(Read More)
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses
Arab Civilization: Challenges and Responses (July 1988)
Studies in Honor of Dr. Constantine Zurayk
George N. Atiyeh - Editor
Ibrahim M. Oweiss - Editor

This book discusses Arab history, law, philosophy, politics, and literature, analyzing the challenges and responses aroused by the interaction between Western culture and the ancient and modern Arab cultures. It offers a wealth of information on the forces that have shaped Arab civilization and on several of the major figures who have contributed to its development. Some of the outstanding contributions include a comprehensive study of Dr. Zurayk a...(Read More)
Arabic Logic
Arabic Logic (June 1979)
Ibn al-Tayyib on Porphyry's Eisagoge
Kwame Gyekye - Editor/translator

This translation of Ibn-al-Tayyib’s work on Porphyry’s Eisagoge brings to the English readers a significant book in Near Eastern logic that has been discussed and excerpted by major philosophers such as Tusi, Averroes, and Avicenna. It has also been the source of philosophical discussions on topics of logic by Boethius, Abelard, Ockham and others. Gyekye has clarified the Arabic link between Greek and Latin traditions with ...(Read More)
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