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Life and Labor
Life and Labor (September 1986)
Dimensions of American Working-Class History
Charles Stephenson - Editor
Robert Asher - Editor

“This collection is an excellent presentation of recent research in the new labor history...I regard the book as central to this field at this time.” — Irwin Yellowitz, The City College of the City University of New York

“This book presents vigorously and with consistency the work of a forceful and important younger generation of scholars. The articles represent the very best that is being done in this ar...(Read More)
Worker and Community
Worker and Community (September 1985)
Response to Industrialization in a Nineteenth Century American City, Albany, New York, 1850-1884
Brian Greenberg - Author

Worker and Community focuses on the social and cultural impact of industrialization in Albany, New York during the middle decades of the nineteenth century. More than a local study, it uses Albany as a laboratory in which to examine this important force in social history.

The study looks first at the full range of economic actions in which the city’s workers participated between 1850 and 1884—organi...(Read More)
To Punish or Persuade
To Punish or Persuade (June 1985)
Enforcement of Coal Mine Safety
John Braithwaite - Author

In To Punish or Persuade, John Braithwaite declares that coal mine disasters are usually the result of corporate crime. He surveys 39 coal mine disasters from around the world, including 19 in the United States since 1960, and concludes that mine fatalities are usually not caused by human error or the unstoppable forces of nature. He shows that a combination of punitive and educative measures taken against offenders can have substan...(Read More)
The Making of the National Labor Relations Board
The Making of the National Labor Relations Board (June 1974)
A Study in Economics, Politics, and the Law 1933-1937
James A. Gross - Author

Definitive study of the NLRB as an administrative agency which became one of the most important political and legal developments in the last century as it influenced the growth of a national labor policy and the use of administrative processes and legal methods in U.S. labor relations. Fifty in-depth oral history interviews with individuals prominent in the history of NLRB supplement data from NLRB files and the National Archives.
<...(Read More)
Most Uncommon Jacksonians
Most Uncommon Jacksonians (June 1967)
The Radical Leaders of the Early Labor Movement
Edward Pessen - Author

The age of Jackson saw the beginnings of America's labor movement in the emergence both of trade unions and of the Working Men's political parties. The leadership of this movement was one of its most outstanding and fascinating features. These radical leaders were “uncommon Jacksonians” in that they stood apart from both main currents of their day—the optimistic pursuit of material gain, and the moralistic criticism of that ...(Read More)
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