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Gender, Time, and Reduced Work
Gender, Time, and Reduced Work (July 1993)
Cynthia Negrey - Author

"Negrey's use of qualitative methods is excellent, as are her insights about gender and the double burden, the ideology of motherhood, cultural notions of masculinity, and the nature of housework and gender." -- Anne Statham, University of Wisconsin

This book compares and analyzes different forms of reduced work: conventional part-time employment, temporary employment, job sharing, and work sharing. Through interviews, workers reveal their ...(Read More)
Jones's Minimal
Jones's Minimal (March 1993)
Low-Wage Labor in the United States
David Griffith - Author

This book addresses the ways employers in American industries use race, gender, ethnicity, and institutions of the state and the church to manipulate workers' networks and communities, and ultimately, to control the supplies and characteristics of their labor.

Griffith focuses on the labor processes in the seafood and poultry processing industries, paying particular attention to the growing use of new immigrant workers, women, and minority wo...(Read More)
Power in the Workplace
Power in the Workplace (January 1993)
The Politics of Production at AT&T
Steven Peter Vallas - Author

This book presents a systematic case study of the hi-tech communications industry that reveals many trends in managerial authority in the workpace. Vallas reveals the mechanisms that enable advanced capitalist firms to achieve and maintain control over the workers they employ. He demonstrates that the spread and integration of automated technologies place lower level human labor in positions of declining power. The new regime does not deskill wor...(Read More)
Union Voices
Union Voices (December 1992)
Labor's Responses to Crisis
Glenn Adler - Editor
Doris Suarez - Editor

The contributors to this book are labor activists reflecting on their direct experiences and their union's efforts to address the serious problems facing them in a rapidly changing political and economic environment. The authors discuss now new forms of international competition, corporate restructuring, technological innovation, and the anti-labor policies and prejudices of recent national administrations have undermined union strength and influen...(Read More)
Equal Parenthood and Social Policy
Equal Parenthood and Social Policy (July 1992)
A Study of Parental Leave in Sweden
Linda Haas - Author

Sweden is the only society in the world that has as an official goal the equal participation of fathers and mothers in childcare. Equal Parenthood and Social Policy analyzes the government program which best symbolizes this commitment to equal parenthood--parental leave. With return to one's original job being assured, a Swedish couple has twelve months to divide between them so that one parent can stay home to care for their new offspring....(Read More)
Workers' Expressions
Workers' Expressions (March 1992)
Beyond Accommodation and Resistance
John Calagione - Editor
Doris Francis - Editor
Daniel Nugent - Editor

This book explores the interrelations between work and social life. It emphasizes how workers' expressive forms and public performances connect with processes of social, cultural, and individual empowerment. Departing from perspectives that emphasize organizational integration, equilibrium, and continuity, the authors present evidence from anthropology, history, and folklore to explore intersection of popular culture and working situations.
...(Read More)
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization (March 1992)
Developments in Communication and the Politics of Everyday Life
Stanley A. Deetz - Author

"This book is sophisticated, powerful, lucid, and pointed in style and organization. In a field where general theoretic development is relatively rare, this book will certainly become a foundation for later research and theoretic argument." -- Robert D. McPhee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

According to Deetz, our obsolete understanding of communication processes and power relations prevents us from seeing the corporate domination of pub...(Read More)
Poor Women and Their Families
Poor Women and Their Families (January 1992)
Hard Working Charity Cases, 1900-1930
Beverly Stadum - Author

"This book conveys information of the greatest significance to scholars in the field of U. S. Women's History. Almost nothing has been written about this topic. This book brings us a cogently argued interpretation of women charity recipients in terms of their lives as mothers, as workers, and as wives." -- Kathryn Kish Sklar, State University of New York at Binghamton

This book brings to life early-century counterparts of urban wom...(Read More)
More Profile Than Courage
More Profile Than Courage (July 1990)
The New York City Transit Strike of 1966
Michael Marmo - Author

The New York City Transit Strike of 1966 occurred during the formative period of labor relations between government and municipal employees, and served as an impetus to convince legislators in many jurisdictions that legislation was needed to regulate public sector bargaining.

Marmo analyzes the role of the media in public sector bargaining, and demonstrates how heavy reliance and manipulation of the media by interested parties affected the o...(Read More)
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical
Agitprop: The Life of an American Working-Class Radical (June 1990)
The Autobiography of Eugene V. Dennett
Eugene V. Dennett - Author

“It is the uniqueness of the document which makes it important. One can dispute Dennett's interpretations, but they are his. And he has paid a heavy cost to maintain them. The struggle, and the sacrifice, come through with great clarity. He sees what he did, what he might have done, and what mistakes he made. Unlike intellectuals (of any ideological orientation, for that matter) he neither exploits nor rationalizes his experiences. This i...(Read More)
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