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Justice as Integrity
Justice as Integrity (September 2006)
Tolerance and the Moral Momentum of Law
David Fagelson - Author

Strives to show why morality and, in particular, tolerance are each part of the idea of law.

Do any moral values underlie the foundations of law and society in America? In Justice as Integrity, David Fagelson argues that morality is indeed a part of the idea of law. Examining controversies of speech and privacy, he does not ignore the conservative communitarian streak in America, but argues that liberal tolerance b...(Read More)

Interstate Disputes
Interstate Disputes (July 2006)
The Supreme Court's Original Jurisdiction
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in settling disputes between states.

With respect to “controversies between two or more states,” the U.S. Constitution grants original jurisdiction to the U.S. Supreme Court, and in 1789 Congress made exclusive the Court’s jurisdiction over interstate disputes. In this book, Joseph F. Zimmerman examines the role of the Supreme Court in settling disputes b...(Read More)
Deserving and Entitled
Deserving and Entitled (January 2005)
Social Constructions and Public Policy
Anne L. Schneider - Editor
Helen M. Ingram - Editor

Explores the contradictions between the American ideal of equality and the realities of public policy.

Public policy in the United States is marked by a contradiction between the American ideal of equality and the reality of an underclass of marginalized and disadvantaged people who are widely viewed as undeserving and incapable. Deserving and Entitled provides a close inspection of many different policy arenas...(Read More)
Oral Arguments and Decision Making on the United States Supreme Court
Oral Arguments and Decision Making on the United States Supreme Court (July 2004)
Timothy R. Johnson - Author

How oral arguments influence the decisions of Supreme Court justices.

Timothy R. Johnson focuses on an all-too-often ignored aspect of the Supreme Court's decision-making process by providing a systematic explanation of how justices use oral arguments to make substantive legal and policy decisions. Using the arguments filed to the Court in legal briefs, oral argument transcripts, notes taken by Justice Lewis F. Powel...(Read More)
Deciding to Leave
Deciding to Leave (February 2003)
The Politics of Retirement from the United States Supreme Court
Artemus Ward - Author

The first sustained examination of the process by which justices elect to leave the United States Supreme Court.

While much has been written on Supreme Court appointments, Deciding to Leave provides the first systematic look at the process by which justices decide to retire from the bench, and why this has become increasingly partisan in recent years. Since 1954, generous retirement provisions and decreasing workl...(Read More)
Popular Justice
Popular Justice (July 2002)
Presidential Prestige and Executive Success in the Supreme Court
Jeff Yates - Author

Explores the interaction between the presidency and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Popular Justice
explores the interaction between the presidency and the United States Supreme Court in the modern era. It assesses the fortunes of chief executives before the Court and makes the provocative argument that success is impacted by the degree of public prestige a president experiences while in office. Three discrete situations are qua...(Read More)
So You Want to Be In Government?
So You Want to Be In Government? (December 2000)
A Handbook for Appointed Officials In America's Governments
Richard P. Nathan - Author

In American governments, unlike in other countries, there are thick layers of officials who serve on a short-term basis as high officials in appointive offices. Thousands of people serve in these roles. They are “inners and outers” who serve “at the pleasure” of the officials who appointed them.

This small book, really a long essay, is intended to inform people who should be interested in these exciting, challenging leadership ...(Read More)
Social Science in Government
Social Science in Government (July 2000)
The Role of Policy Researchers
Richard P. Nathan - Author

This book presents a lively retrospective account of a career as an inner and outer in American government and academe by a social scientist who has spent many years conducting evaluation studies of what works and what doesn’t work in domestic public affairs. It uses rich histories of prominent policy issues and descriptions of major studies of welfare and job programs to bring to life crucial questions about how social science can best serve social...(Read More)
Politics and Constitutionalism
Politics and Constitutionalism (May 2000)
The Louis Fisher Connection
Robert J. Spitzer - Editor

Examines the work of Louis Fisher, renowned scholar of constitutional law and politics.

Politics and Constitutionalism presents a collection of eight original essays by leading political science and law scholars, organized to recognize and analyze Louis Fisher's prolific and important body of work. The essays explore the role of all three branches of government in shaping constitutional meaning and institutional behavior, noting...(Read More)
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations (August 1999)
A Multiple Perspective Approach
Steven A. Shull - Author
Thomas C. Shaw - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book
Provides a multivariate analysis of presidential-congressional interaction.

Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations examines government activities involving direct interactions between presidents and Congress and considers whether they are influenced by executive, legislative, and/or exogenous factors. The book encompasses presidential position taking on legislative votes...(Read More)
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