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The Other Side of Gridlock
The Other Side of Gridlock (April 2010)
Policy Stability and Supermajoritarianism in U.S. Lawmaking
Manabu Saeki - Author

A detailed study of political gridlock in Congress, offering an alternative perspective for evaluating its persistence and charting a course for change.

Drawing upon a wealth of congressional data from 1953 through 2006, this study offers new insights into the politics of gridlock, one of the more contentious issues in Washington, DC, since the early 1990s. Previous analyses have focused on either the volume of ena...(Read More)
All But Forgotten
All But Forgotten (March 2010)
Thomas Jefferson and the Development of Public Administration
Stephanie P. Newbold - Author

Study of Thomas Jefferson’s legacy in public administration.

Thomas Jefferson’s contributions to the development of administrative thought and practice in the United States have largely been overlooked in American history. His career in public service and his ideas concerning government and constitutional tradition have overshadowed his involvement with public administration. All But Forgotten ex...(Read More)
Defenders of Liberty or Champions of Security?
Defenders of Liberty or Champions of Security? (March 2010)
Federal Courts, the Hierarchy of Justice, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Kirk A. Randazzo - Author

Examines the critical role assumed by the U.S. judiciary in balancing concerns about national security with the protection of liberty after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent responses by the U.S. federal government have raised fundamental questions about civil liberties in both domestic and international laws. As a result, the U.S. judiciary, out of its resp...(Read More)
Congress (January 2010)
Facilitator of State Action
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

An insightful reassessment of the relationship between the U.S. Congress and the states.

Reassessing the relationship between the federal government and the states, Congress: Facilitator of State Action examines how the U.S. Congress routinely and necessarily devolves power to the states. A host of congressional statutes reveal the ways in which the U.S. Congress facilitates state action to solve certain probl...(Read More)
Contemporary American Federalism
Contemporary American Federalism (October 2008)
The Growth of National Power, Second Edition
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Traces the development of the American federal system of government, focusing principally on the shifting balance of powers between the national government and the states.

Contemporary American Federalism traces the development of the federal system within the United States from 1789 to the present. In contrast to earlier works on American federalism, this book examines not only national-state relations, b...(Read More)

Rights, Remedies, and the Impact of State Sovereign Immunity
Rights, Remedies, and the Impact of State Sovereign Immunity (June 2008)
Christopher Shortell - Author

Engaging case studies on the impact of state sovereign immunity on both plaintiffs and states.

The Supreme Court’s recent spate of state sovereign immunity rulings have protected states from lawsuits based on federal legislation as diverse as disabilities law, age discrimination, patent and trademark law, and labor standards. But does the doctrine of state sovereign immunity increase state authority? Does it...(Read More)
Agendas and Decisions
Agendas and Decisions (February 2008)
How State Government Executives and Middle Managers Make and Administer Policy
Dorothy F. Olshfski - Author
Robert B. Cunningham - Author

Studies how state-level public executives and managers in Tennessee decide and implement policy.

Connecting theory and practice, Agendas and Decisions explores how state-level public executives and managers decide and implement policy. The authors focus on Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander’s (1979–1987) management system, which believed in and practiced the principles espoused by leadership theo...(Read More)
The Silence of Congress
The Silence of Congress (August 2007)
State Taxation of Interstate Commerce
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Argues for greater congressional oversight of state taxation of interstate commerce.

The Silence of Congress is the first book to examine state taxation of interstate commerce and the relative inactivity on the part of Congress to regulate such commerce. As states actively seek to maximize tax revenues, congressional silence has affected both citizens and corporations and resulted in myriad tax inequalities ...(Read More)
Dilemmas of Representation
Dilemmas of Representation (May 2007)
Local Politics, National Factors, and the Home Styles of Modern U.S. Congress Members
Sally Friedman - Author

In-depth analysis of the representational styles of several members of Congress from New York State.

While the Congress literature of the 1970s and 1980s led to the dominant impression that all politics is local, in recent years legislative behavior has pointed in more national directions. Dilemmas of Representation comprehensively examines the multifaceted activities of several legislators from New York, one...(Read More)

The Game of Justice
The Game of Justice (April 2007)
A Theory of Individual Self-Government
Ruth Lane - Author

Argues in favor of viewing justice as a political contest that everyone has a stake in.

The Game of Justice argues that justice is politics, that politics is something close to ordinary people and not located in an abstract and distant institution known as the State, and that the concept of the game provides a new way to appreciate the possibilities of creating justice. Justice, as a game, is played in a chall...(Read More)

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