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Globalizing Organic
Globalizing Organic (February 2021)
Nationalism, Neoliberalism, and Alternative Food in Israel
Rafi Grosglik - Author

Traces how alternative food movements are affected by global and local trends, with a focus on how organic agriculture was integrated in Israel.

Globalizing Organic focuses on the globalization of a culture of "eating for change" and the ways in which local meanings attached to the production of foods embed ecological and social values. Rafi Grosglik examines how organic agr...(Read More)
Food, Farming, and Faith
Food, Farming, and Faith (March 2008)
Gary W. Fick - Author

Using scripture and science, a Christian agricultural scientist presents an ethic of farming that promotes good food and a healthy environment.

Food, Farming, and Faith looks at agricultural sustainability and Christianity. Using scripture and science, Gary W. Fick—a Christian agricultural scientist—demonstrates that faith can inform decisions about creating, managing, even consuming our food. Th...(Read More)
California Dreaming
California Dreaming (August 2005)
Ideology, Society, and Technology in the Citrus Industry of Palestine, 1890-1939
Nahum Karlinsky - Author

Multidisciplinary study of the citrus industry in Palestine before World War II.

The citrus industry of Palestine has often been associated with the myths and ideals of the Labor Movement and its Zionist-Socialist ideology. The Jaffa orange, like the young pioneer and the collective kibbutz, was emblematic of a colonizing meta-narrative that marginalized or even denounced the private entrepreneurs—both...(Read More)
Contesting Agriculture
Contesting Agriculture (March 2002)
Cooperativism and Privatization in the New Eastern Germany
Hans C. Buechler - Author
Judith-Maria Buechler - Author

Examines the privatization of agriculture in eastern Germany since 1989.

This analysis of the privatization of agriculture in eastern Germany captures the turbulent times after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the subsequent reunification of the two Germanies. Based in large part on oral histories provided by cooperative managers, newly independent family farmers, and westerners who established farms in the east...(Read More)
From Combines to Computers
From Combines to Computers (November 1994)
Rural Services and Development in the Age of Information Technology
Amy K. Glasmeier - Author
Marie Howland - Author

"This book targets an important but little understood element of the rural economy and systematically debunks some prevalent myths about changes that are occurring in rural America. While doing this, the authors clearly articulate key theoretical issues about rural socioeconomic change and convincingly ground their conclusions with their empirical analyses." -- Forrest A. Deseran, Colorado State University

"This is the first large-scale, sys...(Read More)
Landholding and Commercial Agriculture in the Middle East
Landholding and Commercial Agriculture in the Middle East (August 1991)
Caglar Keyder - Editor
Faruk Tabak - Editor

"This is an important work. It deals with a crucial topic in modern Middle Eastern history from many different perspectives. The transformation of the Ottoman economy to commercial agriculture is important both in itself and what it tells us about the social and political changes occurring in the Middle East in the nineteenth century. The combination of perspectives and the faithfulness with which all the authors stick to the central topic give t...(Read More)
Culture and Context in Sudan
Culture and Context in Sudan (July 1988)
The Process of Market Incorporation in Dar Masalit
Dennis Tully - Author

This book illustrates that external factors, especially international political processes interacting with large-scale ecological and demographic changes, are the primary cause of problems experienced by the Masalit and other people in the Third World. The Masalit are Muslim farmers formerly independent as part of the sultanate of Dar Fur. Tully examines the local processes by which the Masalit became economically, politically, and culturally incorp...(Read More)
The Redivision of Labor
The Redivision of Labor (June 1984)
Women and Economic Choice in Four Guatemalan Communities
Laurel H. Bossen - Author

How does economic development affect women in Latin America? This work examines the different ways that economic and social relations between the sexes are redefined in Guatemala as capitalist expansion transforms the nation. An unusual and rich combination of fieldwork in four communities supplemented by national-level data shows there are major differences in the sexual division of labor in four major segments of Guatemalan society: the Maya peasa...(Read More)
Change in Tunisia
Change in Tunisia (June 1976)
Russell Stone - Editor
John Simmons - Editor

An interdisciplinary study of various aspects of Tunisian culture.

“Very rich and touching numerous areas of investigation, this book gathers together a mass of information and data. It has the advantage of being researched in Tunisia, and its authors have gone beyond the concrete facts to provide general enlightenment.” — Cultures et développement

“The book ...(Read More)
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