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Pistols and Hearts
Pistols and Hearts (August 2010)
Sibyl James - Author

“First Finalist for the Codhill Poetry Chapbook award for 2008, Sibyl James’s Pistols and Hearts captures the beauty and ruggedness of daily life in Mexico through inventive lyricism. Oscillating between English and Spanish, declarations of love and regret, the oracular and the ordinary, a transcontinental vision emerges, both deeply personal and fiercely public.” — Pauline Uchmanowicz, final judge

...(Read More)
Postcards Dropped in Flight
Postcards Dropped in Flight (August 2010)
In Praise of Avian Companions
Edward F. Mooney - Author

To catch thought upon the wing

catch postcards dropped in flight.

And attend the feathered messengers.

Even Plato knew the soul as rampant aviary.

He imagines he’ll float upward at this death like a

wild swan eluding all who wish to corner him

in any cage of proof or finish...(Read More)
Rafting into the After-Life
Rafting into the After-Life (August 2010)
Mikhail Horowitz - Author

“The 42 poems in this book were culled from a 365-poem opus titled One Year. Each poem in One Year was composed according to the following method:

I would take a day—say, January 18—and, sifting through more than 25 years of journals, extract everything that was entered on that date (thoughts, reportage, dreams, conversations, overheard remarks, passages copied from books I was re...(Read More)
Riverine (August 2010)
An Anthology of Hudson Valley Writers
Laurence Carr - Editor

Riverine is a contemporary anthology of memoir, short fiction, and poetry by over seventy Hudson Valley writers.

The memoirs reflect Hudson Valley life along with life outside the United States. Intriguing short stories, both dark and light, explore a wide range of fictional characters. Microfiction (or flash fiction) brings the reader the razor-sharp genre of the short-short story and thought-provoking pro...(Read More)
Sand and Traffic
Sand and Traffic (August 2010)
Pauline Powers Uchmanowicz - Author

From “Knee Deep in Mud My Mother”

Would you be so terrifying

uncoffined, dried earth caked on your calves,

disintegrating in a field among weeds

like an animal whose death

makes a place large and strange?

Uchmanowicz’s poetry lives in its form and its formalism e...(Read More)
Seeing Venice
Seeing Venice (August 2010)
An Eye in Love
Frederick Franck - Author

.“Venice is so much more than canals, bridges, gondolas. It is an unbroken sequence of ever-changing moods; festive, frivolous, elegiac and melancholy, forever foreign yet totally intimate.” — from Seeing Venice

Take a luminous journey deep into the heart of hidden Venice with Frederick Franck as your guide. His quietly evocative drawings and descriptions bring to vivid life the city of i...(Read More)
Shorewards Tidewards
Shorewards Tidewards (August 2010)
Robert Waugh - Author

“Full Moon Tide”

I want to stop listening.

           I’m tired

of making sense, of having to listen, of taking

the ocean in day after day, of holding on

to its labor; you have to let go—and it blanks out lost

“Among my favorite poems in Rich Murphy’s The Apple in th...(Read More)
The Clay-Shaper's Husband
The Clay-Shaper's Husband (August 2010)
Michael Meyerhofer - Author

“Winner of the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Prize for 2007, Michael Meyerhofer’s The Clay-Shaper’s Husband ponders the ruins of everyday struggle, excavating grandeur and sorrow with keen, audible presence.” — Pauline Uchmanowicz, final judge

Michael Meyerhofer’s first book, Leaving Iowa, won the Liam Rector First Book Award. He is a...(Read More)
The Hairpin Tax
The Hairpin Tax (August 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

“The fragmentary poems are of flight, written in the full fury of movement from a known habitat to one full of strangeness. The uncanny is their constant envoy. They enter into things at an obtuse angle and forget their origin, beyond good sense, beyond good taste and use of time … Perhaps a nomadic ear is able to make very subtle discrimination in text. Such an ear is at work here.” — from the Afterword

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