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The Earthworm Jar
The Earthworm Jar (September 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

Purveyor of local geography and lover of mountain hikes, David Appelbaum holds a degree in philosophy. He is past editor of Parabola Magazine and currently, publisher of Codhill Press.
A Passion for Seeing
A Passion for Seeing (August 2010)
On Being an Image Maker
Frederick Franck - Author

A Passion for Seeing gathers a rare feast of stories, impressions, and observations from a writer and artist known for his keen honesty, great heart, and passionate pursuit of the question: what does it mean to be human? Carefully chosen excerpts from many of his books and over a dozen new drawings are among the treasures included.

In A Passion for Seeing, Frederick Franck establishes himself as a ...(Read More)
A Yelp in the Ideal
A Yelp in the Ideal (August 2010)
Celestine Frost - Author

In the poetry of Celestine Frost, the I is not confessional, rarely even personal, but, like he or she, a voice, subliminal and quirky. In this, her fourth collection, the liquid, unamalgamated thought of the subconscious seeps into the conscious mind as ore into stone. The resulting idiom is the real subject of her work.

“This is feisty, apt writing with an appetite one very much r...(Read More)
A Zen Book of Hours
A Zen Book of Hours (August 2010)
Frederick Franck - Author

“When at seventeen I had become a medical student in Holland, my eye fell on a slim volume that carried in large yellow characters the title ZEN. This was in 1926, when Zen was still unknown in the West.

“Zen has been to me that which brings us into intimate contact with the world around us and, at the same time, with ourselves. This book, a revised edition of Echoes from the Bottomless Well,cam...(Read More)
An Endless Trace
An Endless Trace (August 2010)
The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West
Christopher Bamford - Author
Philip Zaleski - Introduction

Two powerful motives weave beneath the surface of our spiritual history: the desire to know and the desire to love. The secret history of the West is the story of saints, mystics, alchemists, poets, and philosophers trying to unite these two streams and celebrate the sacred marriage of Logos and Sophia, Word and Wisdom. This book, an impressionistic history of the Western spiritual tradition, follows the traces—from ancient Greece int...(Read More)
Blue Cliff Record
Blue Cliff Record (August 2010)
Zen Echoes
David Rothenberg - Author
Sam Hamill - Foreword by

“It is astonishing how thousand-year-old riddles are brought here to evocative poetic life. David Rothenberg converts them into contemporary verbal music, an Arcanum, a profound secret, a mystery without intellectual solution.” — Frederick Franck, author of The Zen of Seeing and The Buddha Eye

Much as Coleman Barks breathed new life into the work of the great Sufi poet Rumi and r...(Read More)
Cathay (August 2010)
Translations and Transformations
Heinz Insu Fenkl - Author

Heinz Insu Fenkl’s Cathay is a complex interweaving of fiction, translation, scholarship, and transformative writing. It includes new translations of the three luminaries of Tang Dynasty poetry: Li Po, Tu Fu, and Wang Wei—but that is only to whet the appetite. The volume also features the opening of the seventeenth-century Korean Buddhist classic Nine Cloud Dream, by Kim Man-jung, an emulation of a horrific yet ...(Read More)
Charlie (August 2010)
Abraham Burickson - Author

Abraham Burickson’s chapbook Charlie is an exploration of what it means to find oneself living without an instruction manual in a world filled with strangers. The poems follow Charlie and Sal, two very particular Everymen, as they navigate the emotional and intellectual straits of their lives, seeking meaning, pleasure, and some sense of self. The road is treacherous: pronouns jumble, rhythms overwhelm, and the intensity of se...(Read More)
Diary of a Vagabond
Diary of a Vagabond (August 2010)
Song Yong - Author
Jason Park - Translated with an introduction and notes by

Song Yong is not one of the more celebrated writers in Korea but more of an outsider looking in on the mainstream writing establishment in Korea. His work has never seen commercial success, nor is it well known in Korea, although he is respected among prominent literary critics. The lack of interest in Korean literature in North America makes it difficult to find a publishing venue for “out-of-the ordinary” fiction such as Song Y...(Read More)
Enneagrammatic Improvisations
Enneagrammatic Improvisations (August 2010)
Frederick Bauman - Author

The poems in this volume are experimental in nature. They came out of a study of the enneagrama symbol best described in P. D. Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. While looking for a way to experience the laws expressed in the enneagram, Frederick Bauman devised a poetic form of nine verses of three lines each. The poems are presented in the order written and then the stanzas are rearranged in the order 9, ...(Read More)
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