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Encountering the Goddess
Encountering the Goddess (May 1991)
A Translation of the Devi-Mahatmya and a Study of Its Interpretation
Thomas B. Coburn - Author

Coburn provides a fresh and careful translation from the Sanskrit of this fifteen-hundred-year-old text. Drawing on field work and literary evidence, he illuminates the process by which the Devi-Mahatmya has attracted a vast number of commentaries and has become the best known Goddess-text in modern India, deeply embedded in the ritual of Goddess worship (especially in Tantra). Coburn answers the following questions among others: Is this d...(Read More)
Translating the Orient
Translating the Orient (February 1991)
The Reception of Sakuntala in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Dorothy M. Figueira - Author

This book examines the emplotment of India in the Western literary imagination. Basing her discussion on the reception of an emblematic Sanskrit text, Kalidasa's SAakuntala, Figueira studies how and why this text was distorted in translation, criticism, and adaptation, and isolates the linguistic errors and cultural distortions that can be grouped into trends and patterns. The unique situation of SAakuntala's reception affords the au...(Read More)
The Triumph of the Goddess
The Triumph of the Goddess (September 1990)
The Canonical Models and Theological Visions of the Devi-Bhagavata Purana
C. Mackenzie Brown - Author

"In this Puranthe apotheosis of the Goddess in India is most fully presented. Given the intense interest in the Goddess, and in goddesses generally, it is important to have Brown's close study of the Devi-Bhagavata. One entire area of readership will be those interested in the construction of the Ultimate Reality on feminine terms." -- Diana L. Eck, Harvard University

The authors of the Devi-Bhagavata Puranendeavored to demons...(Read More)
Antal and Her Path of Love
Antal and Her Path of Love (August 1990)
Poems of a Woman Saint from South India
Vidya Dehejia - Author

"I liked the clear and idiomatic translation. Dehejia introduces the reader to a world of religious experience that is little known. In doing so, she recaptures Anl's very personal appropriation of the world of Hindu Vaisnava myth. This book will make an important contribution towards widening our knowledge of women mystics." -- Paul E. Muller-Ortega, Department of Religious Studies, Michigan State University

"As an aesthetically successfu...(Read More)
The Ritual of Battle
The Ritual of Battle (July 1990)
Krishna in the Mahabharata
Alf Hiltebeitel - Author

This book is a study of India's great epic, the Mahabharata, against the background of Indo-European myth, epic, and ritual. It builds upon the pioneering studies in these areas by Georges Dumezil and Stig Wikander to work toward the goal of understanding how this epic's Indo-European heritage is interpreted and reshaped within the setting of bhakti or devotional Hinduism.

The book begins with a comparative typology of traditio...(Read More)
The Vedic Origins of Karma
The Vedic Origins of Karma (August 1989)
Cosmos as Man in Ancient Indian Myth and Ritual
Herman W. Tull - Author

"To anyone interested in the Vedic literature or the idea of karma, this book is fascinating. The prose is crisp and clear, well-ordered and lively. The arguments are clearly presented. Tull shows convincingly that the beginning of karma theory are to be found in the Brahmanas. And he helps us to see the logic of these texts more clearly than anyone else." — John M. Koller

In this book, the author seeks access to Karma's origins by following ...(Read More)
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