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Transnational Research in Technical Communication
Stories, Realities, and Reflections
Transnational Research in Technical Communication
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Nancy Small - Editor
Bernadette Longo - Editor
SUNY series, Studies in Technical Communication
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 208 pages
Release Date: July 2022
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-8903-2



Transnational Research in Technical Communication: Stories, Realities, and Reflections offers unique story-based insights into the complexities and challenges of transnational and intercultural research.

Transnational Research in Technical Communication considers the complexities of intercultural projects from a compelling perspective: first-hand narrative reflections. Readers go behind the scenes as scholars share their experiences crossing a variety of borders in their efforts to engage in knowledge-making endeavors. Interwoven through each chapter are stories of how projects were designed, adapted, and sometimes even failed. The collection begins with an introduction situating it at the intersection of recent scholarship in storywork, intercultural research, and technical and professional communication’s social justice turn. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions and recommendations for further reading. The closing chapter reveals a nascent "ethic of transnational and intercultural research" growing out of contributors' lessons learned and generous reflections. Anyone interested in or planning to undertake a transnational or intercultural project can benefit from these storied case studies, and as a result, this collection contributes to moving the field forward as it strives to promote more ethically aware and responsive research.

"This volume contributes methodological reflections on transnational and intercultural research within the field of TPC. It is a how-to guide of sorts with reflections by researchers discussing research projects. Thus, it contributes much-needed stories about working in the field while conducting transnational research." — Guiseppe Getto, East Carolina University

Nancy Small is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wyoming. Bernadette Longo is Associate Professor of Humanities at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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