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Gilbert and Sullivan
The Players and the Plays
Gilbert and Sullivan
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Kurt Gänzl - Author
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 298 pages
Release Date: October 2021
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-8545-4

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Highlights the original cast members—both the well-known and the (until now) wholly unknown—who staged the duo's comic operas in Britain and in America.

In this, the first book to focus on the original cast members of the classic Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas, world-renowned musical theater expert Kurt Gänzl provides a concise history of the writing and production of each opera, vividly colored by the often little-known life stories of these early performers. Meticulously researched and lavishly illustrated with rare photographs, Gilbert and Sullivan: The Players and the Plays delves into the professional and personal lives of the British and American actors and singers who created the celebrated "famous fourteen" Gilbert and Sullivan operas.

"Not only important, but utterly fascinating, thoroughly researched, as you would expect from this source, erudite, and a real pleasure to read! In fact what helps make this book so worthwhile is Kurt Gänzl's prose style: informative, intimate, chatty but precise, almost as if he has written the book especially for you: indeed as if he is actually talking to you." — Operetta Research Center

Kurt Gänzl, an award-winning authority on musical theater, is a former opera singer, theatrical agent, casting director, and theater and opera critic. He is the author of numerous books, including Encyclopedia of the Musical Theatre, The British Musical Theatre, Victorian Vocalists, and Gänzl's Book of the Broadway Musical.

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Table of Contents

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1. Thespis

2. Trial by Jury

3. The Sorcerer

4. HMS Pinafore

5. The Pirates of Penzance

6. Patience

7. Iolanthe

8. Princess Ida

9. The Mikado

10. Ruddigore

11. The Yeomen of the Guard

12. The Gondoliers

13. Utopia (Limited)

14. The Grand Duke

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