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Cosmopolitan Belongingness and War
Animals, Loss, and Spectral-Poetic Moments
Cosmopolitan Belongingness and War
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Matthew Leep - Author
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Hardcover - 178 pages
Release Date: May 2021
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-8243-9

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Paperback - 178 pages
Release Date: January 2022
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-8244-6

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Offers a cosmopolitan account of war that blends sharp inquiry into interspecies politics with original poetry on animals, loss, and war.

In Cosmopolitan Belongingness and War, Matthew Leep develops a cosmopolitan account of war that blends sharp inquiry into interspecies politics with original poetry on animals, loss, and war. Informed by the works of Jacques Derrida, this book is not only a somber and sobering exploration of the loss of animal lives during the Iraq War—from the initial US invasion to later struggles with ISIS—but also an imaginative tracing of animal experiences in “spectral-poetic moments.” By emphasizing elegies, poetic space, and multispecies belonging, Leep envisions the cosmopolitan text as a hybrid form of critical and poetic engagement with animal others. An insightful mix of cosmopolitan poetics, poetry, and analysis of the Iraq War in its multispecies entanglements, Cosmopolitan Belongingness and War connects contemporary concerns with political violence, memory, and interspecies politics to imagine a more spectral, posthumanist, and poetic cosmopolitanism. Interdisciplinary in scope, this book will engage scholars of international relations, political theory, US foreign policy, animal studies, poetry, and Derrida, as well as those interested in human-animal relations in perilous times.

“Smartly conceived, fluently and movingly written, and effectively anchored with powerful empirical data, this is a touchstone text, demonstrating alternative possible modes of thinking in international relations.” — Ryan Hediger, author of Animals and War: Studies of Europe and North America

Matthew Leep is Instructor of Political Science at Western Governors University.

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Table of Contents

List of Poems
List of Illustrations

Introduction: Cosmopolitan Elegies

1. Spectral Cosmopolitanism

2. Stray Hearts, Vectors: The Wandering Dogs of Iraq

3. Caged Cosmopolitanism: Menagerie Moments of War

4. Black Sheep: ISIS and the Smoke of Qayyarah

(In)Conclusion(s): Spectral-Poetic Proximities

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