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Mediaevalia Volume #39, Special Issue (11/2018)
Mediaevalia Volume #39, Special Issue
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Table of Contents

Volume 39, Special Issue

Introduction. Authority and Materiality in the Italian Songbook: From the Medieval Lyric to the Early-Modern Madrigal
Olivia Holmes and Paul Schleuse

I. Constructing Authority

Song Personified: The Tornadas of Raimon de Miraval
Anne Adele Levitsky

Fragmentational Poetics: Staging the Crisis of Oratory in Petrarch’s Political Canzoni
Joel Salvatore Pastor

Triumphing over Dante in Petrarch’s Trionfi
Leah Schwebel

“Free to Sing My Liberty”: Weaving and the Construction of the Literary Self in Gaspara Stampa and Louise Labé
Olimpia Pelosi

II. Theorizing Genre

Cobbling Together the Lyric Text: Parody, Imitation, and Obscenity in the Old Occitan Cobla Anthologies
Courtney Joseph Wells

Visual Discourse in Petrarch’s Sestinas
Francesco Marco Aresu

The Cinquecento Italian Madrigal in Theory and Practice: The Case of Filippo Massini (1559–1618)
Lorenzo Sacchini

Music of Words and Words in Music: The Sound of Gravità in the Italian Madrigal
Giuseppe Gerbino

III. Assembling the Songbook

Boccaccio as Anthologist and the Dawn of Editorial Auctoritas
Laura Banella

Dante’s Ballata: The Personification of Poetry and the Authority of the Vernacular in the Vita nuova
Martin Eisner

The Fragmenta’s Timeline: Models for Reconstructing and Interpreting the Text
Isabella Magni

Italian Artistry, English Innovation: Thomas Watson’s Italian Madrigalls Englished (1590)
K.Dawn Grapes

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