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Black Women in Politics
Demanding Citizenship, Challenging Power, and Seeking Justice
Black Women in Politics
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Julia S. Jordan-Zachery - Editor
Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd - Editor
SUNY series in African American Studies
SUNY series in New Political Science
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Hardcover - 320 pages
Release Date: September 2018
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-7093-1

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Examines how Diasporic Black women engage in politics.

This book explores how Diasporic Black women engage in politics, highlighting three dimensions—citizenship, power, and justice—that are foundational to intersectionality theory and politics as developed by Black women and other women of color. By extending beyond particular time periods, locations, and singular definitions of politics, Black Women in Politics sets itself apart in the field of women’s and gender studies in three ways: by focusing on contemporary Black politics not only in the United States, but also the African Diaspora; by showcasing politics along a broad trajectory, including social movements, formal politics, public policy, media studies, and epistemology; and by including a multidisciplinary range of scholars, with a strong concentration of work by political scientists, a group whose work is often excluded or limited in edited collections. The final result expands our repertoire of methodological tools and concepts for discussing and assessing Black women’s lives, the conditions under which they live, their labor, and the politics they enact to improve their circumstances.

Black Women in Politics offers a new perspective on Black women as political actors. Jordan-Zachery and Alexander-Floyd have assembled a stellar group of essays that speak to the broad experiences and concerns of Black women as political actors. Together, the essays present a compelling story of what we learn when we center Black women’s voices in policy debates, democratic theory, and notions of political leadership.” — Wendy Smooth, The Ohio State University

Julia S. Jordan-Zachery is Director of Black Studies and Professor of Public and Community Service at Providence College. She is the author of Black Women, Cultural Images, and Social Policy and Shadow Bodies: Black Women, Ideology, Representation, and Politics. Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd is Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science at Rutgers University–New Brunswick. She is the author of Gender, Race, and Nationalism in Contemporary Black Politics.

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