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Reconfigurations of Philosophy of Religion
A Possible Future
Reconfigurations of Philosophy of Religion
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Jim Kanaris - Editor
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Hardcover - 280 pages
Release Date: April 2018
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-6909-6



Explores the place and meaning of philosophy of religion in our current poststructuralist, postsecular, postcolonialist context.

This collection addresses, as it exemplifies, an identity crisis in contemporary philosophy of religion. It represents a unique two-way dialogue between philosophers of religion and scholars of religion, and broaches issues pertaining to the philosophy of religion and the philosophical tradition on the one hand, and religious studies, theology, and the modern academy on the other. While each author manages the current challenges in philosophy of religion differently, one can nonetheless discern a polyphony of interests surrounding a postcritical, postsecular appreciation of religion. In part 1, contributors ask how philosophy of religion can accommodate both the strengths and weaknesses of Western analytic and continental traditions; incorporate developments in ideology critique, gender studies, and Asian philosophies; and negotiate the perceived stalemate in philosophy of religion. Part 2 addresses these questions in terms of a philosophy of religion that is postcolonial in intention and multidisciplinary in orientation, and features scholarship from the fields of both religion and theology. An underlying theme is the importance of ushering philosophy of religion into a postphenomenological era of religious studies and theology. This is a neglected dimension in many laudable discussions about philosophy of religion that this volume hopes to emend.

“This gathering of important voices and the differences of approach and opinion that they represent invites/provokes reflection, self-examination by philosophers of religion, and further work.” — Jeffrey Dudiak, author of The Intrigue of Ethics: A Reading of the Idea of Discourse in the Thought of Emmanuel Levinas

Jim Kanaris is CAS Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion at McGill University. He is the author of Bernard Lonergan’s Philosophy of Religion: From Philosophy of God to Philosophy of Religious Studies and the coeditor (with Mark J. Doorley) of In Deference to the Other: Lonergan and Contemporary Continental Thought, both also published by SUNY Press.

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