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The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region
The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region
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Janet A. Null - Author
Excelsior Editions
Price: $29.95 
Paperback - 360 pages
Release Date: July 2017
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-6666-8

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Explores the architectural treasures of the Southern-Central region of New York’s Adirondack Park and places them in the context of Adirondack history and culture.

The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region provides a professional and insightful survey of the built environment of a unique area within New York’s Adirondack Park. This book is the first field guide to the architecture of the Park, revealing the ordinary and the extraordinary, the remarkable buildings by prominent designers, as well as the hidden, unexpected gems few know exist.

Based on more than seven thousand miles of fieldwork and years of research, the guide comprises more than seven hundred sites traversing the geographic range, socioeconomic strata, and historical span of the region from the late 1700s to the present. Organized according to clearly marked travel routes and fourteen tours on the ground and on the water, it features detailed maps and coordinates for each site, along with many beautiful photographs. Also included are eleven companion essays drawing on the expertise of professionals, local historians, and Adirondack residents that delve into the what, where, and why people built in the Adirondacks.

“…an impressive work.” — Times Union

The Adirondack Architecture Guide, Southern-Central Region is a comprehensive collection of architectural and historical content about the area.” — Syracuse Post-Standard

“In The Adirondack Architecture Guide, beloved landmarks share the pages with little-known architectural gems through a series of curated tours. Each one tracks the history and development of the Southern-Central Adirondacks through its fascinating buildings, bridges, and byways. From first-time visitors to longtime residents, readers will find it packed with information designed to make the most of a side trip lasting a few hours or a weekend of exploring. This is a must-have source to guide your travels in one of the most beautiful and historic parts of New York, the Adirondack Park.” — Jay A. DiLorenzo, President, Preservation League of New York State

“This remarkable book presents architecture, broadly defined to include all man-made structures, as the key to understanding the history and culture of a vast National Historic Landmark. We are introduced to the sublime Chestertown Church of the Good Shepherd, the delightful Custard’s Last Stand, the earnest Wakely Mountain Fire Tower, and the grand aspirations of the Mary Persons House. A detailed picture of two hundred years in a region of romantic wilderness, industry, tourism, and everyday life emerges to offer a compelling vision of a unique place. This guide is not only for architecture buffs and explorers. It is a model of historical research that presents an unbiased picture of the rich diversity of a fascinating region.” — Frances Halsband, Kliment Halsband Architects

Janet A. Null is an award-winning architect and President of Argus Architecture & Preservation, P.C. She lives in upstate New York and has practiced throughout the Adirondack region for more than twenty-five years.

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Table of Contents

How to Use the Guide


Settlement in the Adirondacks

What Is an Adirondack “Camp”?

Rocks and Trees: Adirondack Building Materials

Adirondack Tanneries

William West Durant: Adirondack Developer and Designer
by Jeffrey Flagg, Ph.D.

Adirondack Railroads: When, Where, and Why
by Jane Mackintosh

Adirondack Fire Observation Stations

Adirondack Children’s Camps
by Hallie Bond

Cabin Colonies in the Adirondacks: A Home Away from Home

From Pattern Books to Catalog Houses

Crossings: Bridges of the Adirondacks
by David Biggs


Tour A Warrensburg to Long Lake
Tour A-1 Hamlet of Warrensburg
Tour B Chestertown to Long Lake
Tour B-1 Hamlet of Chestertown
Tour B-2 Long Lake
Tour C Woodgate to Blue Mountain Lake
Tour C-1 Thendara–Old Forge
Tour C-2 Big Moose
Tour C-3 Raquette Lake
Tour D Rockwood to Speculator
Tour E Mayfield to Indian Lake
Tour E-1 Village of Northville
Tour F Broadalbin to Warrensburg
Tour G South Corinth to Lake George

Architects and Designers in the Southern-Central Adirondacks
Glossary of Architectural Styles and Terms

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