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Journal of Buddhist Philosophy, Volume #1, Issue #1 (12/2015)
Journal of Buddhist Philosophy, Volume #1, Issue #1
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Table of Contents


Message from the Editor
Gereon Kopf

Inaugural Reflections for the Journal of Buddhist Philosophy
Dale S. Wright

Helmut Krasser (1956–2014)
Vincent Eltschinger

Special Topic: Tibetan Madhyamaka

Introduction: Some Current Strategies for Research on Tibetan Madhyamaka
Kevin Vose

What Happened to the Third and Fourth Lemmas in Tibet?
Tom J. F. Tillemans

Gendun Chöpel on the Status of Madhyamaka: Knowledge, Truth, and Testimony
Jonathan Stoltz

Proving Emptiness: The Epistemological Background for the “Neither One Nor Many” Argument and the Nature of Its Probandum in Phya pa Chos kyi seng ge’s Works
Pascale Hugon

Do Mādhyamikas See What the Rest of Us See? Early bKa’ gdams pas on “Commonly Appearing Subjects” (chos can mthun snag ba)
Kevin Vose

Mediation on Emptiness in Context of Tantric Buddhism
Yael Bentor

Controversy among dGe lugs pa Scholars about What Is Negated in Emptiness According to Svātantrika-Mādhyamika School
Jongbok Yi

Research Articles

Dōgen’s Views on Practice and Realization and His Dream Encounter and Damei Fachang
ISHII Shūdo 石井修道 (Translator Jeffrey Kotyk)

Philosophical Articles

The Early Buddhist Psychology of Philosophical Views
Yakupitayage Karunadasa

A New Worldview from the Standpoint of Buddhism: A Critique of Modern Reason
Sueki, Fumihiko

Book Reviews

Review of Parimal G. Patil, Against a Hindu God: Buddhist Philosophy of Religion in India
Douglas L. Berger

Review of Bötrül, Distinguishing the Views & Philosophies: Illuminating Emptiness in a Twentieth-Century Tibetan Buddhist Classic, Douglas S. Duckworth, Translator
Jonathan C. Gold

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