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Higher Education Systems 3.0
Harnessing Systemness, Delivering Performance
Higher Education Systems 3.0
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Jason E. Lane - Editor
D. Bruce Johnstone - Editor
SUNY series, Critical Issues in Higher Education
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Hardcover - 335 pages
Release Date: October 2013
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-4977-7

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Paperback - 335 pages
Release Date: October 2013
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-4978-4

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Electronic - 335 pages
Release Date: September 2013
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-4979-1

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An exploration of multi-campus higher education systems and their role in improving communities and their economies.

This thought-provoking volume brings together scholars and system leaders to analyze some of the most pressing and complex issues now facing higher education systems and society. Higher Education Systems 3.0 focuses on the remaking of higher education coordination in an era of increased accountability, greater calls for productivity, and intensifying fiscal austerity. System heads have been identifying ways to harness the collective contributions of their various institutions to benefit the students, communities, and other stakeholders that they serve. The contributors explore the recent dynamics of higher education systems, focusing particularly on how systems are now working to improve their effectiveness in educating students and improving our communities, while also identifying new means for operating more efficiently. This enhanced collaboration, or systemness, is the key aspect of version 3.0.

Jason E. Lane is Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Programs and Planning and Associate Provost for Graduate Education and Research at the State University of New York, Deputy Director of the Rockefeller Institute of Government, and Associate Professor of Educational Policy at the University at Albany, State University of New York. D. Bruce Johnstone is Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Higher and Comparative Education at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, and former Chancellor of the State University of New York. They are the coeditors of Universities and Colleges as Economic Drivers: Measuring Higher Education’s Role in Economic Development, also published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Part I. The History and Definition of Systemness

1. Higher Education System 3.0: Adding Value to States and Institutions
Jason E. Lane

2. Systemness: Unpacking the Value of Higher Education Systems
Nancy L. Zimpher

3. The History and Evolution of Higher Education Systems in the United States
Aims C. McGuinness Jr.

Part II. Challenges to System Innovation: Unpacking the Tensions

4. Higher Educational Autonomy and the Apportionment of Authority among State Governments, Public Multi-Campus Systems, and Member Colleges and Universities
D. Bruce Johnstone

5. The Changing Role of Higher Education Systems in Finance
Jane V. Wellman

6. Reorganizing Higher Education Systems: By Drift or Design?
Katharine C. Lyall

7. Board Governance of Public University Systems: Balancing Institutional Independence and System Coordination
C. Judson King

8. Systems, Ecosystems, and Change in State-Level Public Higher Education
Mario Martinez and Brandy Smith

9. Serving Public Purposes: Challenges for Systems in Changing State Context
Aims C. McGuinness Jr.

Part III. Emerging Roles for Systems

10. The Changing Role of Systems in Academic Affairs
Jan M. Ignash

11. Workforce Development at Community Colleges: Can Systems Make a Difference?
David F. Shaffer

12. The Systemness of Internationalization Strategies: How Higher Education Systems Are Aiding Institutions with Globalization
Jason E. Lane

13. Higher Education Systems in an Era of Public Engagement: An Organizational Learning Perspective
David J. Weerts


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