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Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey
Grassroots Women Activists, the European Union, and the Turkish State
Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey
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Gül Aldikaçti Marshall - Author
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Release Date: July 2013
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Timely analysis of the ways in which women grassroots activists, the European Union, and the Turkish state are involved in shaping gender policies in Turkey.

Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey uncovers how, why, and to what extent Turkish women, in addition to the Turkish state and the European Union, have been involved in gender policy changes in Turkey. Through analysis of the role of multiple actors at the subnational, national, and supranational levels, Gül Aldıkaçtı Marshall provides a detailed account of policy diffusion and feminist involvement in policymaking. Contextualizing the meaning of gender equality and multiple approaches to women’s rights, she highlights a pivotal but neglected dimension of scholarship on Turkey’s candidacy for European Union membership. This book represents one of the few works providing a multilevel analysis of gender policy in predominantly Muslim countries, and highlights Turkey’s role at a time of swift structural changes to several political regimes in the Middle East

Gül Aldıkaçtı Marshall is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Louisville.

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Table of Contents

List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

1. Conceptualizing the Actors Roles

Theorizing Women’s Visibility within the Configuration of the Grassroots Activism, the State, and the EU
Analysis of Strategies Used by Women’s Groups, the EU, and the Turkish State
Overview of the Book

2. Gender Equality, Women’s Rights, and Stipulations within the Enlarging EU

Framing Gender Equality through Hard Laws
Expanding the Meaning of Gender Equality
Women’s Rights and Gendered Citizenship

3. Before the 1999 Helsinki Summit: The State’s Gender Regime in Turkey

Ottoman Reforms and the Gendered Subject
Kemalist Revolution and the Gendered Citizen
Women amid Political Loyalty and Political Mobilization
Gender (In)Equality in Laws in the Republic of Turkey
The Implications of Laws and Women’s Lived Experiences, 1923–1999

4. Active Citizenship: Women’s Collective Response to the State’s Gender Regime in Turkey, 1980–1999

The Rise of the Feminist Movement
Diversity in Women’s Activism: Islamist and Kemalist Women

5. Aftermath of the 1999 Helsinki Summit: The Role of the EU and the Turkish State in Changing Gender Policies in Turkey

Brief History of the Relationship between Turkey and the EU
Europeanization, Conditionality, and Gender Equality
Emerging Picture of Gender-Equality Reforms

6. Women’s Grassroots Activism in Changing Gender Policies after the Helsinki Summit

Taking Advantage of the EU Membership Process
Relations with the EU
Utilizing the UN Meetings for Policy Changes in Turkey

7. Conclusion: Sustained-Pressure in Shifting Winds

Appendix A: Interviews
Appendix B: Names of Women’s Organizations and Journals in Turkish and English


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