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The Stadium
Images and Voices of the Original Yankee Stadium
The Stadium
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Jon Plasse - Photographer
Excelsior Editions
Price: $19.95 
Hardcover - 84 pages
Release Date: September 2011
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-4005-7

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Photographs and recollections of one of baseball’s most storied icons.

Through images and words, The Stadium brings to life the emotional and visual experience of the original Yankee Stadium, recalling a special time when children and their parents, joined by thousands of other fans, spent a joyful afternoon or evening together, watching their local heroes. Interspersed among photographer Jon Plasse’s black-and-white images of the original Yankee Stadium are the recollections of individuals whose lives were intimately connected to the ballpark: an umpire, an usher, a beer vendor, a souvenir merchandiser, and a fan. Together, photographs and text combine to invoke a fan’s memories of the sights and sounds of this beloved ballpark: waiting to buy tickets among throngs of fans, walking through dark cavernous hallways to the upper decks, seeing the dazzling outfield grass and the silky-smooth infield dirt, and listening to the roar of the crowd as the first batter steps up to the plate. The Stadium is a fitting tribute to one of baseball’s most storied icons.

“Plasse has captured quiet, often intimate moments … In The Stadium, the camera is focussed less on the game itself and more on the atmosphere the game creates. Rare are the sports photobooks that can personalize the deeply communal (some might say tribal) act of attending live sporting events, but this is certainly one.” — The New Yorker

“Belongs on your sports bookshelf.” — Harvey Frommer, author of Yankee Century and Beyond: A Celebration of the First Hundred Plus Years of Baseball’s Greatest Team

Jon Plasse is a fine arts photographer whose previous photography books are The Light Remains and Passing Moments. He lives in New York City.

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