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The Upstate New York Olympics
The Upstate New York Olympics
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Tim Davis - Photographer
Brian Wallace - Editor
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art
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Paperback - 48 pages
Release Date: May 2011
ISBN10: 0-615-40182-1
ISBN13: 978-0-615-40182-9

Price: $16.00 
Electronic - 48 pages
Release Date: May 2011
ISBN10: 1-4384-4036-7
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-4036-1

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Offers an ironic, upstate New York take on the Olympics, performance, and the risks and rewards of the creative life.

This exhibition catalog documents the series of video and installation works by Tim Davis entitled The Upstate New York Olympics. Combining the artist’s ongoing interests in performance, photography, sculpture, and poetry, and by turns uncanny, bold, ridiculous, illegal, and downright dangerous, Davis’s “events” (including “Flag Pole Grapple,” “Lawn Jockey Leapfrog,” and “Stream Luge”) both document and at the same time powerfully comment on the artist’s concerns with the fundamentals of performance art, personal expression, regionalism, and the risks and rewards of the creative life.

Malawi-born Tim Davis, a graduate of Bard College and Yale University, is an artist and poet whose exhibition/publication projects include Permanent Collection and My Life In Politics. He teaches at Bard College, and his work is in the collection of many institutions, including the Dorsky Museum.

Distributed for the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art

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Table of Contents

Sara Pasti

Olympic Art
Austin Kelley

See the Unseen
Thomas Bartscherer

“From the Sublime to the Ridiculous”
Brian Wallace

Tim Davis

Biographies for Artist and Contributors

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