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A Beautiful and Fruitful Place
Selected Rensselaerwijck Papers, Volume 2
A Beautiful and Fruitful Place
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Elisabeth Paling Funk - Editor
Martha Dickinson Shattuck - Editor
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Release Date: September 2011
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Second volume of papers from a well respected annual seminar that showcase the latest research on Dutch colonial history in New York State.

New Netherland’s distinctive regional history as well as the colony’s many relationships with Europe and the seventeenth-century Atlantic world are featured in the second collection of papers from the widely praised annual Rensselaerwijck Seminar. Leading scholars from both sides of the Atlantic critique and offer the latest research on a dynamic range of topics: the age of exploration, domestic life in New Netherland, the history and significance of the West India Company, the complex era of Jacob Leisler, the southern frontier lands of the colony, relations with New England, Hudson Valley foodways and Dutch beer production, the endurance of the Dutch legacy into nineteenth-century New York, and contemporary genealogical research on colonial Dutch ancestors.

Cogent and informative, these papers are an indispensable source toward a better understanding of New Netherland life and legacy.

“Many of the foremost scholars on New Netherland feature in this anthology that increases considerably the available scholarship on a key aspect of American history.” — Hudson River Valley Review

Elisabeth Paling Funk was born in Woerden, the Netherlands. She is an independent scholar, freelance editor and translator, and former adjunct assistant professor at Manhattanville College. Her articles on early American and Dutch-American literature have been published in the United States and the Netherlands. She is preparing her dissertation, “Washington Irving and His Dutch-American Heritage as Seen in A History of New York, The Sketch-Book, Bracebridge Hall, and Tales of a Traveller," for publication as a book. Martha Dickinson Shattuck is the editor and researcher with the New Netherland Research Center and the editor of Explorers, Fortunes, and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland. She has published various articles on New Netherland, was the New Netherland and Colonial editor for The Encyclopedia of New York State, and is currently editing and annotating the New Netherland papers from the Bontemantel Collection in the New York Public Library.

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Table of Contents

Martha Dickinson Shattuck

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1988: “Domestic Life in New Netherland”

Home is More than a Roof: Concept of Private Space
Henk Zantkuijl
Translated by Wendie Shaffer

The Trades in the Village of Graft
A. Th. Van Deursen
Translated by Charles Forceville

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1989: “The Age of Leisler”

The Pro-Leislerian Farmer: “A Mad Rabble” or “Gentlemen Standing up for Their Rights”?
Firth H. Fabend

Credit, Court, and New York City Merchants in the Age of Leisler
Dennis J. Maika

Leisler’s Pre-1689 Biography and Family Background
David W. Voorhees

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1990: “New Netherland and the Frontier”

De Suyt Rivier: New Netherland’s Delaware
Charles T. Gehring

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1991: “The Persistence of the Dutch after 1664”

The Dutch Heritage in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
Elisabeth Paling Funk

“Not Hasty to Change Old Habits for New”: The Dutch Colonial Legacy
Joyce D. Goodfriend

From Mutual Will to Male Prerogative: The Dutch Family and Anglicization in Colonial New York
David E. Narrett

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1992: “The Dutch in the Age of Exploration”

Along the Spice Trails: Dutch Overseas Expansion in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Cees Bakker

Dutch Primacy in Ship Building: Implications of New Technology for
Seventeenth-Century Naval Architecture
Gerald A. De Weerdt

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1993: “Manor Life and Culture in the Hudson Valley”

Dutch Foodways in the Hudson River Valley
Peter G. Rose

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1994: “Family History: Two Branches into New Netherland Research”

A Marriage of Genealogy and History I
Peter R. Christoph

A Marriage of Genealogy and History II
Florence Christoph

Wringing Information from a Drowned Princess:
Using the Notarial Records of Amsterdam for Historical Research
Charles T. Gehring

Why New Netherland Genealogists and Historians Need Each Other—An Editor’s Perspective
Harry Macy

New Netherlanders and Their European Ancestry:
A Survey of the State of the Art in Research of the First Settlers’ Origins
Nico Plomp

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1995: “ ‘neighbourlie correspondencye’:
Relations between New Netherland and New England”

The Hartford Treaty: A European Perspective on a New World Conflict
Jaap A. Jacobs

An Uneasy Alliance: The Dutch and English on Long Island
Martha Dickinson Shattuck

Did Boundaries Really Matter in Seventeenth-Century North America?
Cynthia Van Zandt

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1996: “The Staffs of Life: Bread and Beer”

The Failure of West India Company Farming on the Island of Manhattan
Jan Folkerts

From Herbs to Hops: Outlines of the Brewing Process in Medieval Europe
Vincent T. van Vilsteren

Rensselaerswijck Seminar 1997: “The West India Company and the Atlantic World”

The WIC and the Reformed Church: Neglect or Concern?
W. Th. M. Frijhoff

Winds of Change: Colonization, Commerce, and Consolidation in the Seventeenth-Century Atlantic World
W. W. Klooster

A Monopoly Relinquished: The West India Company and the Atlantic Slave Trade
Joh. Postma

On Common Ground: Legislation, Government, Jurisprudence, and
Law in the Dutch West Indian Colonies in the Seventeenth Century
J. A. Schiltkamp

New Netherland and the Atlantic World: Comments and Reflections
Joyce D. Goodfriend

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