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Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations
Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations
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Hans Krabbendam - Editor
Cornelis A. van Minnen - Editor
Giles Scott-Smith - Editor
Hardcover - 1190 pages
Release Date: September 2009
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-3013-3

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A comprehensive history of bilateral relations between the Netherlands and the United States.

Since Henry Hudson landed on Manhattan in 1609, the peoples of the Netherlands and North America have been inextricably linked. Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations, written by a team of nearly one hundred Dutch and American scholars, is the first book to offer a comprehensive history of this bilateral relationship. This volume covers the main paths of contacts, conflicts, and common plans, from the first exploratory contacts in the early seventeenth century to the intense and multifaceted exchanges in the early twenty-first. Based on the most up-to-date research, Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations will be for years to come a valuable and much-used reference work for anyone interested in the history and culture of the United States and the Netherlands and the larger transatlantic interdependent framework in which they are embedded.

“The contributors cover almost every conceivable subject … [a] very valuable source on 400 years of US-Dutch relations.” — CHOICE

“From wooden ships to microchips, from New Amsterdam to New York City, this volume provides a deep scholarly overview of the 400-year sweep of Dutch-American connections. It has the excellent benefit of being both broad in its range and deep in its individual entries.” — Russell Shorto, author of The Island at the Center of the World: The Epic Story of Dutch Manhattan and the Forgotten Colony That Shaped America

Hans Krabbendam is Assistant Director of the Roosevelt Study Center and the author of The Model Man: A Life of Edward William Bok, 1863–1930. Cornelis A. van Minnen is Director of the Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg, the Netherlands, as well as Professor of American History at Ghent University, Belgium, and the author of Van Loon: Popular Historian, Journalist, and FDR Confidant. Giles Scott-Smith is Senior Researcher at the Roosevelt Study Center and Ernst H. van der Beugel Professor of Diplomatic History of Atlantic Cooperation at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands, and the author of Networks of Empire: The U.S. State Department’s Foreign Leader Program in the Netherlands, France, and Britain, 1950–1970.

Published in cooperation with Uitgeverij Boom

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Table of Contents


General Introduction
Hans Krabbendam

Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations,1609–2009: A Major Contribution to Atlantic History
Cornelis A. Van Minnen and Giles Scott-Smith

Chronology of Dutch-American Relations

1. Colonial Period and Eighteenth Century 1609–1782

Introduction: The Dutch, New Netherland, and Thereafter (1609–1780s)
Willem Frijhoff and Jaap Jacobs

Images of America in the Low Countries until the Seventeenth Century
Michiel van Groesen

The Dutch in the Atlantic
Wim Klooster

New Netherland: The Formative Years, 1609–1632
Charles T. Gehring

Migration, Population, and Government in New Netherland
Jaap Jacobs

Economic Networks of Dutch Traders and the British Colonial Empire
Cathy Matson

The Waning of Dutch New York
Simon Middleton

The Social and Cultural Life of Dutch Settlers, 1664–1776
Joyce D. Goodfriend

Dutch Political Identity in English New York
David W. Voorhees

Dutch Jurisprudence in New Netherland shattuck and New York
Martha Dickinson

The Dutch and Their Religion
Fred van Lieburg

Dutch Language and Literature in the United States
Jan Noordegraaf

Intercultural Relations between Native Americans and Europeans in New Netherland and New York
Paul Otto

Intercultural Relations between Europeans and John Thornton and Blacks in New Netherland
Linda Heywood

The Dutch Republic and the Creation of the United States
Wayne te Brake

2. The Nineteenth Century

From Distant Images to Closer Relations: The Netherlands and the United States during the Nineteenth Century
Wim van den Doel

Images of Dutchness in the United States
Annette Stott

The Dutch-American Political Elite in New York State
Firth Haring Fabend

Dutch-American Diplomatic Relations
Cornelis A. Van Minnen

American Trade with the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies
Jeroen Touwen

Dutch Investments in the United States
Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr.

The New Immigration
Robert P. Swierenga

Dutch Pioneers and Native Americans
Pieter Hovens

Transatlantic Transportation and Travelers’ Experiences
George Harinck and Augustus J. Veenendaal, Jr.

Religious Exchange in the Dutch-American Network
George Harinck

Dutch Social Reformers’ Perceptions of American Reform
Maartje Janse

The Reception of American Literature in the Netherlands
Hans Bak

Artistic Affinities: New-World Painters Recast the Golden Age
Nancy T. Minty

Dutch-American Identity during the Civil War and the Boer War
Michael Douma

Dutch-American Material Culture
Annette Stott

3. The Period of the World Wars 1914–1945

Toward a Community of Interests: The Netherlands and the United States between the World Wars
Doeko Bosscher

Dutch-American Relations during World War I
Hubert P. van Tuyll

Dutch Perceptions of American Culture and Promotion of Dutch Culture in the United States
Cornelis A. van Minnen

American Influences on Dutch Material Culture and Product Design
J. W. Drukker & Timo de Rijk

American Influences on Dutch Architecture and Urban Design
Herman van Bergeijk

The Reception of American Literature in the Netherlands, 1900–1950
Hans Bak

American Movies Reach the Netherlands
Karel Dibbets and Thunnis van Oort

The Netherlands and Classical Music in America
Frits Zwart

The Introduction of Jazz in the Netherlands
Kees Wouters

The United States and the Netherlands during the Great Depression
Janny de Jong

American Diplomatic Perspectives
Frances Gouda

The Netherlands, the United States, and the International Political Culture
Michael Riemens

Dutch Companies in the United States and American Companies in the Netherlands
Ferry de Goey

Dutch-American Relations during World War II
Albert Kersten

Crossing Borders: Americans and the Liberation of the Netherlands
Wim Klinkert

4. The Cold War and Beyond 1945–2009
Politics and Security

The Politics of Asymmetry: The Netherlands and the United States since 1945
Duco Hellema

The Netherlands, the United States, and Anticommunism during the Early Cold War
Paul Koedijk

Decolonization and Dutch-American Relations
Marc Frey

Bilateral Defense Cooperation in an Atlantic Perspective, 1945–1970
Ine Megens

The United States, the Netherlands, and the Establishment of the United Nations
Peter R. Baehr

Dutch and U.S. Assessments of European Political Integration
Jan van der Harst

Dutch Left-Wing Political Parties and Nato
Frank Zuijdam

Embassies and Ambassadors in The Hagueand Washington
Giles Scott-Smith and Bert van der Zwan

Dutch-American Intelligence Relations
Bob de Graaff

Dutch-American Relations and the Vietnam War
Rimko van der Maar

The Netherlands, the United States, and the Helsinki Process, 1972–1989
Floribert Baudet

Dutch-American Relations during the Second Cold War
Hans Righolt

American and Dutch Policies toward the Reorientation of nato after the Cold War
Bram Boxhoorn

Peacekeeping and the War on Terror, 1989–2007
Christ Klep

5. The Cold War and Beyond 1945–2009
Economics and Society

The Netherlands, the United States, and the Development of a Postwar International Economy
Bob Reinalda

The Marshall Plan and the Modernization of Dutch Society
Frank Inklaar

Trading Economics across the Atlantic :Jan Tinbergen and Milton Friedman
Harry P. van Dalen and Arjo Klamer

U. S. Multinationals in the Netherlands: The Cases of IBM, Dow Chemical, and Sara Lee
Ben Wubs

Dutch Multinationals in the United States: The Cases of Philips, Shell, and Unilever
Mira Wilkins

The Bilderberg Group and Dutch-American Relations
Thomas Gijswijt

The Transfer of Mobility: The Emergence of a Car Society in the Netherlands
Gijs Mom

Suburbia as the New Frontier: A Story of Dutch and American Convergence
Koos Bosma

Ambivalent Solidarity: Sixty Years of Dutch-American Trade Union Relations
Tom Etty

Corporate Governance: The Polder Model and the Anglo-Saxon Model
John Groenewegen

The Netherlands, the United States,& mathieu segers Germany, and European Integration in the 1950s and 1960s
Joost Kleuters

The Dutch and the Americans in the Bretton Woods Institutions
Age F. P. Bakker

The Economic Influence of the United States in Suriname
Jerome Egger

U. S. Ideology and the Founding of Business Schools in the Netherlands
Peter van Baalen

U. S. Advertising Strategies in the Netherlands
Wilbert Schreurs

Dutch-American Cooperation in WaterManagement
Dirk Dekkers and Taco Westerhuis

6. The Cold War and Beyond 1945–2009

Cultural Developments in the Dutch-American Relationship since 1945
James C. Kennedy

Dutch Impressions of America
Rob Kroes

Anne Frank in the United States and in the Netherlands
David Barnouw

Dutch Cultural Policy in the United States
David J. Snyder

American Studies in the Netherlands
Giles Scott-Smith

American Practices in Dutch Sociology, 1945–1968
Tity de Vries

Dutch Emigration to the United States
Enne Koops

Beyond the Blue Horizon: Tourism and Travel
Marc Dierikx

The American Impact on Dutch Religion
Hans Krabbendam

Americanizing Trends in Dutch Prose and Poetry
Jaap van der Bent and Bertram Mourits

American Popular Music in the Netherlands
Lutgard Mutsaers

Contemporary Dutch Cinema and Hollywood
Jaap Kooijman

The Presence and Impact of Dutch Painters
Gail Levin

American Modern Art in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Jan van Adrichem

North Atlantic Dance Relations
Onno F. Stokvis

A Transatlantic Debate about Diversity and National Identity
Jaap Verheul

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List of Contributors
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