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The New Response
Contemporary Painters of the Hudson River
The New Response
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John Yau - Author
Alan Gussow - Introduction
Albany Institute of History and Art
Price: $6.95 
Paperback - 80 pages
Release Date: January 1985
ISBN13: 978-0-939072-05-7



Introduction to contemporary painters of the Hudson River, who both continue and react to the legacy of the nineteenth-century Hudson River School of painting.

Contemporary landscape painters of the legendary Hudson River Valley are featured in this breathtaking and fascinating collection. Beginning with Thomas Cole’s travel into the Kaaterskill Clove in 1825, the Hudson River Valley has inspired generations of painters in the United States. The nineteenth-century Hudson River School of painters, including Thomas Cole, Asher Durand, and Frederic Edwin Church, profoundly influenced the development of American landscape painting.

The Hudson River Valley continues to inspire, as amply demonstrated by the thirty-two contemporary painters in this volume. Both acknowledging the artistic traditions of the region and offering distinctive interpretations, today’s painters respond energetically and innovatively to the stunning beauty, environmental challenges, and continual transformations of the Hudson.

John Yau is a poet, critic, and curator. His collections of poetry include Borrowed Love Poems; Forbidden Entries; Berlin Diptychon: Poems by John Yau; and Corpse and Mirror. His books of criticism include The Passionate Spectator: Essays on Art and Poetry; The United States of Jasper Johns; and In the Realm of Appearances: The Art of Andy Warhol.

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Table of Contents



Philip Allen

William Beckman

Robert Berlind

Robert Birmelin

Marcia Clark

Arthur Cohen

Alan Cote

David Coughtry

Virginia Creighton

Joseph DeGiorgio

Rackstraw Downes

Katherine Doyle

Alan Gussow

Yvonne Jacquette

Christopher Jones

Arnold Levine

Alex Martin

Nancy Mitchnick

Catherine Murphy

Andrew Needle

Ross Neher

Don Nice

Harry Orlyk

Richard Pitts

Anne Poor

Marjorie Portnow

Henry Raleigh

Sylvia Sleigh

Hunt Slonem

Bill Sullivan

George Wexler

William Wilson

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