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Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures
A Hudson Valley Cookbook
Summer Pleasures, Winter Pleasures
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Peter G. Rose - Author
Excelsior Editions
Price: $14.95 
Hardcover - 154 pages
Release Date: September 2009
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-2987-8

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A light-hearted cookbook that reflects the historical and culinary heritage of the Hudson Valley.

Whether it’s grilled corn on the patio or a hot bowl of soup by the fire, the foods we eat are often intimately connected to the seasons of the year. For twenty years, award-winning food writer and historian Peter G. Rose has written a column on family food for newspapers in the Hudson Valley, and this light-hearted cookbook includes some of her most popular recipes. Drawing on the rich historical and culinary legacy of the Hudson Valley, Rose offers simple, easy-to-make recipes for patio, boat, cabin, or RV in the summer, and for enjoying by the fireside in the winter. Along the way she offers tidbits of food history, ideas for entertaining, and suggestions for using local ingredients. Informative and tasty, these recipes showcase the Hudson Valley as both a culinary and historic destination.

“Now, home cooks can enjoy [Rose’s] work in their own kitchens while tapping into the Hudson Valley’s food traditions.” — Albany Times Union

“The recipes are the highlight of this book. These are meals you might prepare at home for your family … If you’re interested in adding some recipes to your collection, this book will bring some fresh ideas.” — San Francisco Book Review

Peter G. Rose has published numerous articles and books on Dutch, Dutch American, and Hudson Valley cuisine, including Food, Drink and Celebrations of the Hudson Valley Dutch; The Sensible Cook: Dutch Foodways in the Old and the New World; Foods of the Hudson: A Seasonal Sampling of the Region’s Bounty; and (with Donna R. Barnes) Matters of Taste: Food and Drink in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Life. In 2002 she was the recipient of the Alice P. Kenney Award for research and writing on the food customs and diet of the Dutch settlers in New Netherland. She lives in South Salem, New York.

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Table of Contents



Introduction to Part I

1. Breakfast foods that make a difference

Baked eggs in toast cups or hollowed-out tomatoes
Blueberry/peach coffee cake
Fruit scones
Great-grandma’s applesauce cake
Sunshine eggs

2. Sandwiches to enjoy at home or to take along

Chicken salad with sliced almonds
Chime sandwich, open-faced
Ham, egg, and asparagus sandwich spread
Herb spread with salami
Vidalia onion, tomatoes, and olives spread

3. Salads, with fresh or cooked vegetables

Basil beans
Cucumber and radish salad
Carley’s zucchini salad
Grandma’s four bean salad
Rosolje (Estonian herring salad)

4. Soups, cold for a hot summer’s day

Chilled asparagus soup
Chilled broccoli and tarragon soup
Chilled cucumber and avocado soup
Chilled curried zucchini soup
Chilled melon/strawberry soup with champagne

5. Hors d’oeuvres or anytime snacks

Blue cheese ball with almonds
Deviled eggs with Hudson Valley mustard
Jicama with chili salt
Kippered herring spread on cucumber slices
Zebras (whole grain bread with butter and Gouda cheese)

6 Simple main courses

Grilled meatballs with scallions, Turkish style
Grilled striped bass fillets
Grilled turkey and nectarine kebabs
Mushroom quiche without a crust
Salmon patties from the Sharing Community

7. Vegetables and grains

Couscous with dried cranberries and walnuts
Grilled corn
Little red potatoes with butter, parsley, and chives
Ratatouille with anise seed
Wild rice with bacon and toasted pecans

8. Desserts—(not so) sinful, sweet indulgences

Apricot tartlets
Frozen nectarine pie
Mother’s cake
Prune plum parfait
Rhubarb with raspberries

9. Cookies, small treats to take along

Brown sugar dainties
Ginger treats
Hollenger cakes (poppy seed bars)
Jan Hagel
(almond and cinnamon-sugar bar cookies)

10. The little extras that make any occasion special

Almond, apricot, and chocolate balls
Grandma’s hot sauce
Herb butter
Peter’s strawberry lemonade with lemon balm
Roman punch


Introduction to Part II

11. Breakfast foods that make a difference
Breakfast cookies
Breakfast pancakes with kielbasa sausage
Canadian bacon with apples
Herbed omelet with chanterelles
Honey muffins

12. Sandwiches

Chicken and mushroom ragoût on toast
Danish smørrebrød
(open-faced sandwich) with Italian salad
Donna’s egg salads
Portobello mushroom sandwich
Vegetable Reuben sandwich

13. Salads

Beet salad with celery and currants
Belgian endive salad with orange
Brussels sprouts salad
Cauliflower salad with cumin dressing
Donna’s winter salad

14 Soups, hot for a cold winter’s day

Cauliflower soup
Celery root soup
Cucumber soup with radishes
Mustard soup
Potato soup with white wine

15. Hors d’oeuvres or anytime snacks

Curried cheese sticks
Dates stuffed with feta mousse and wrapped in bacon
Horseradish and bacon spread
Mushroom tart
Puffs with salmon pâté

16. Simple main courses

Baked red snapper on a bed of lemons with lemon butter
Belgian endive with ham and cheese sauce
Peter’s meatloaf
Pork chops with pears and blue cheese
Stuffed Savoy cabbage rolls

17. Vegetables, fruits, or grains

Curly endive with mashed potatoes and bacon
Red and golden beets
Stewed oranges
Sweet potatoes with apples and sage

18. Desserts

Apple-nut surprise
Cherry kuchen
Puff pastry sticks filled with almond paste
Rum raisin pudding
Utrecht darling (heart-shaped pastry)

19. Cookies, small treats to enjoy by the fire

Almond macaroons
Bourbon balls
Rum and molasses crinkles
Spiced cookies (Dutch speculaas)
Zebras (striped chocolate and vanilla cookies)

20. The little extras that make any occasion special

Caribbean chutney
Fresh mango and strawberry relish
Orange vinaigrette
Spiced cranberries
Strawberry-pineapple preserves

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