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Past and Present
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Nathan Rotenstreich - Author
SUNY series in Jewish Philosophy
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Traces the dialectical connections between Zionism’s past and present.

In Zionism, the late Nathan Rotenstreich traces the dialectical connections between Zionism’s past and present based on his contention that the Jewish nation comprises both the State of Israel and the Diaspora. He also addresses relations between both Israel and the Diaspora, on the one hand, and Israel and the Arab world, on the other. Written a short time before Rotenstreich’s death, Zionism can be regarded as his spiritual and ideological legacy.

“Nathan Rotenstreich was an important intellectual and public figure in Israel during the more than half-century of his professional life. Only a few other such figures in Israel (or elsewhere) rivaled his combination of traditional philosophical and historical scholarship and political and social engagement with Jewish issues at their common center—and this book reflects this engagement and the powerful mind that Rotenstreich brought to bear on it.” — Berel Lang, author of Mind’s Bodies: Thought in the Act

“This book is very significant, especially in light of recent reconsiderations of the meaning of Zionism. It is central to debates regarding the meaning of Israel, Jews in America (and elsewhere), and the future of Zionism.” — Richard Cohen, editor of Ninety-Two Poems and Hymns of Yehuda Halevi

Nathan Rotenstreich (1914–1993) was Professor of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was elected to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, and his works include Order and Might, also published by SUNY Press, Jews and German Philosophy: The Polemics of Emancipation, and On Faith.

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Table of Contents


An "Inside Intellectual": Remarks on the Public Thought of Nathan Rotenstreich
Avi Bareli and Yossef Gorny

1. Return and Modernity

2. Activity and the Present

3. Aspects of Renaissance

4. The Negation of the Diaspora

5. The Values of Israeli Society

6. Toward a Reformulation of Zionist Ideology

Shlomo Avineri

Nathan Rotenstreich on Issues Related to the Holocaust

Ephrat Balberg-Rotenstreich

The Individual and Personal Responsibility

The Holocaust as a Unique Historical Event


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