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The International Eliade
The International Eliade
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Bryan Rennie - Editor
SUNY series, Issues in the Study of Religion
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 326 pages
Release Date: April 2007
ISBN10: 0-7914-7087-3
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-7087-9

Price: $33.95 
Paperback - 326 pages
Release Date: January 2008
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-7088-6


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Winner CHOICE 2008 Outstanding Academic Title

A unique consideration of the work of Mircea Eliade highlighting scholarship from outside the Anglophone world.

The International Eliade brings together contributors from beyond the Anglo-American milieu to consider the work of Mircea Eliade. Significant new insights and information concerning Eliade, his past, and potential applications of his thought are provided by scholars from Romania, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Norway, France, Argentina, India, Korea, Japan, and Québec, Canada. Intended as a balanced consideration of Eliade’s significance, the collection recognizes the restrictions and shortcomings of his work, and gives the English-language reader access to research in Eliade studies being done in a global arena.

“…a complex of critical analyses, important for religious studies, and particularly helpful for understanding Eliade.” — Studies in Religion

“…this volume … indicates that there is more to learn about Eliade. And, maybe more importantly, there is still more to learn about the study of religion, and most likely also about religion, by way of studying Eliade—and by way of studying those who study Eliade. Eliade is still useful. The International Eliade shows this.” — Journal of the American Academy of Religion

“[A] scintillating and remarkable collection of articles on Eliade … Most important, this collection sets Eliade on the international stage, defining his appeal and influence outside the United States … This very well-written and well-edited volume will stimulate many scholars to reconsider Eliade’s work in the light of current insights into the nature of religious experience.” — CHOICE

 “This volume reviews international scholarship on the central figure of comparative religion in the last generation, which is a valuable contribution. The nonpolemical atmosphere of the book is refreshing and allows the reader to see the individual essays as phenomena in their own right.” — William E. Paden, author of Interpreting the Sacred: Ways of Viewing Religion

Contributors include Ulrich Berner, Liviu Bordasç, César Ceriani Cernadas, Chin-Hong Chung, Wilhelm Dancaÿ, Mircea Eliade (translated by Mac Linscott Ricketts), Michel Meslin, Joseph Muthuraj, Michiaki Okuyama, Katrine Ore, Brigitte Ouellet, Bryan Rennie, Natale Spineto, Philip Vanhaelemeersch, and Pablo Wright.

Bryan Rennie is Vira I. Heinz Professor of Religion at Westminster College. He is the author of Reconstructing Eliade: Making Sense of Religion and editor of Changing Religious Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade, both also published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents


Bryan Rennie, Introduction: Themes in the International Eliade

1. The Sacralization of Time

Michel Meslin, The Sacralization of Time in the Thought of Mircea Eliade
Pablo Wright and César Ceriani Cernadas, Cosmological Bridges: Suspicion and Recollection in the Realities of Myth

2. The Interpretation of History

Ulrich Berner, Mircea Eliade and the Myth of Adonis
Brigitte Ouellet, In Search of a Methodology: Eliade’s Hermeneutical Approach in the Study of Ancient Egyptian Texts
Joseph Muthuraj, The Significance of Mircea Eliade for the Study of the New Testament

3. The Interpretation of India and Eliade’s “Traditionalism”

Liviu Bordas, The Secret of Dr. Eliade
Natale Spineto, Mircea Eliade and “Traditional Thought”

4. History and Historicism

Philip Vanhaelemeersch, Eliade, “History,” and “Historicism”

5. The History of Religions

Katrine Ore, Gender Perspectives in Eliade’s History of Religions

6. The Dialectic of the Sacred and Creative Hermeneutics

Chung Chin Hong, Mircea Eliade’s Dialectic of Sacred and Profane and Creative Hermeneutics

7. Mysticism and the Orthodox Tradition

Wilhelm Danca, The Origin of the Concept of Mysticism in the Thought of Mircea Eliade

8. Eliade’s Fiction

Okuyama Michiaki, Camouflage and Epiphany: The Discovery of the Sacred in Mircea Eliade and Õe Kenzaburõ

Mircea Eliade, Men and Stones
Translated by Mac Linscott Ricketts

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