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Teacher Education with an Attitude
Preparing Teachers to Educate Working-Class Students in Their Collective Self-Interest
Teacher Education with an Attitude
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Patrick J. Finn - Editor
Mary E. Finn - Editor
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Hardcover - 266 pages
Release Date: March 2007
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Release Date: March 2007
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Explores collaborative, democratic ways of preparing teachers to educate urban, working-class students.

Using a social justice approach to teacher education, the contributing teacher educators address the need to prepare teachers to understand the way social class, race, and culture impact their efforts to educate working-class students. By helping prepare teachers to strengthen democracy through education, the contributors offer ways to help them develop “critical consciousness”—the will to address society’s injustices and inequities. Teachers who collaborate actively with their students, their families, and others, such as community and labor organizers, to challenge the economic and educational policies that keep the hierarchical structure in place, develop their own educational and political power alongside their students. These educators see schools as sites of struggle for democracy, and their students learn to direct their attitude toward outcomes that are in their collective self-interest.

“It is an important work in that the good, the bad, and the difficult are discussed in proactive language, while providing a multitude of practices that are theoretically sound. The theory and strategies presented are helpful not only to teacher educators but also to classroom teachers committed to a social justice perspective.” — Francine P. Peterman, editor of Designing Performance Assessment Systems for Urban Teacher Preparation

Contributors include Vladimir Ageyev, Kahllid A. Al-Alim, Suzanne Borowicz, Alex Caputo-Pearl, Jeff M. R. Duncan-Andrade, Mary E. Finn, Patrick J. Finn, Peter Hoffman-Kipp, Lauri Johnson, Frances A. Martin, Suzanne M. Miller, Rosemary K. Murray, Brad Olsen, John Otterness, Gillian S. Richardson, Rosalie M. Romano, Susan J. Schurman, Dennis Shirley, Linda Tubach, and Diane Zigo.

Patrick J. Finn is Emeritus Associate Professor of Education at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York and is the author of Literacy with an Attitude: Educating Working-Class Children in Their Own Self-Interest, also published by SUNY Press. Mary E. Finn is former Director of the Urban Education Institute, Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York and is the coeditor (with Lauri Johnson and Rebecca Lewis) of Urban Education with an Attitude, also published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents


Patrick J. Finn and Mary E. Finn

I. Addressing Issues of Class, Race, and Culture

1. Teacher Education With an Attitude: Completing the Revolution
Patrick J. Finn

2. Labor Deserves Credit: The Popular Education Foundations of the National Labor College
Susan J. Schurman

3. Coalition for Educational Justice: Antiracist Organizing and Teacher Education
Alex Caputo-Pearl, Kahllid A. al-Aim, and Frances A. Martin)

II. Social Justice Teacher Education in Undergraduate Courses

4. Developing Critically Reflective Practitioners: Integrating a Practice-Reflection-Theory Cycle of Learning in an Undergraduate Literacy Course
Gillian S. Richardson and Rosemary K. Murray

5. Teacher Education and Community Organizing
Dennis Shirley

6. Learning to Act: Interactive Performance and Preservice Teacher Education
Rosalie M. Romano

III. Social Justice Teacher Education in Graduate School

7. New Literacies With an Attitude: Transformative Teacher Education through Digital Video Learning Tools
Suzanne M. Miller and Suzanne Borowicz

8. The Journey to Justice: Inquiry as a Framework for Teaching Powerful Literacy
Diane Zigo

9. Accessing Praxis: Practicing Theory, Theorizing Practice in Social Justice Teachers' First Year of Teaching
Peter Hoffman-Kipp and Brad Olsen

10. Russian Children in American Schools: Towards Intercultural Dialogue in Diverse Classrooms and Teacher Preparation Programs
Vladimir Ageyev

IV. Social Justice Teacher Education through Professional Development

11. Urban Teacher Development That Changes Classrooms, Curriculum, and Achievement
Jeffrey M. R. Duncan-Andrade

12. Literacy with an Attitude and Understanding the Water We Swim In
John Otterness

13. Popular Education in Los Angeles High School Classrooms: The Collective Bargaining Education Project
Linda Tubach

14. "We Cannot Avoid Taking Sides": Teacher Unions, Urban Communities, and Social Justice in Historical Perspective
Lauri Johnson

15. For Further Thought
Mary E. Finn


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