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The Role of History in Latin American Philosophy
Contemporary Perspectives
The Role of History in Latin American Philosophy
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Arleen Salles - Editor
Elizabeth Millan - Editor
SUNY series in Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture
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Hardcover - 244 pages
Release Date: July 2005
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Release Date: June 2006
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Argues that there are original positions to be found in the work of Latin American philosophers.

This book brings the history of Latin American philosophy to an English-speaking audience through the prominent voices of Mauricio Beuchot, Horacio Cerutti-Guldberg, María Luisa Femenías, Jorge J. E. Gracia, Oscar R. Marti, León Olivé, Carlos Pereda, and Eduardo Rabossi. They argue that Spanish is not a philosophically irrelevant language and that there are original positions to be found in the work of Latin American philosophers.

Part I of the book looks at why the history of philosophy has not developed in Latin America. A range of theoretical issues are explored, each focusing on specific problems that have hindered the development of a solid history. Part II details the complex task of writing a history of philosophy for a region still haunted by the specter of colonialism.

"To my knowledge, there are no equivalent books on this subject. The growing international visibility of Latin American philosophy makes this collection both timely and relevant." — Ofelia Schutte, author of Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought

This book contains a very valuable bibliography for those interested in doing research in Latin American philosophy and/or the history of ideas in Latin America, including authors that are unknown to scholars here in the United States." — Vicente Medina, Seton Hall University

Contributors include Mauricio Beuchot, Horacio Cerutti-Guldberg, María Luisa Femenías, Jorge J. E. Gracia, Oscar R. Marti, Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert, León Olivé, Carlos Pereda, Eduardo Rabossi, and Arleen Salles.

Arleen Salles is Assistant Professor in the Department of Art, Music, and Philosophy at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, The City University of New York. Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at DePaul University and the coeditor (with Jorge J. E. Gracia) of Latin American Philosophy for the 21st Century: The Human Condition, Values, and the Search for Identity.

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Table of Contents

Introduction Arleen Salles and Elizabeth Millán-Zaibert

Part I Successful and Unsuccessful Models for Establishing a History of Latin American Philosophy

The History of Philosophy and Latin American Philosophy
Jorge J. E. Gracia
Explanatory and “Argumentative” History of Philosophy
Carlos Pereda
History and Philosophy in the Latin American Setting: Some Disturbing Comments
Eduardo Rabossi
Breaking with the Past: Philosophy and Its History in Latin America
Oscar R. Martí

Part II: Writing the History of Latin American Philosophy in and Despite the Shadows of Its Colonial Legacy

The Study of Philosophy’s History in Mexico as a Foundation for Doing Mexican Philosophy
Mauricio Beuchot
Philosophical Genealogies and Feminism in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
María Luisa Femenías
A Philosophical Debate Concerning Traditional Ethnic Groups in Latin America and the History of Philosophy
León Olivé
How and Why to Foster the History of Philosophy in Postcolonial Contexts Horacio


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