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Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education
Breaking New Ground
Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education
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John P. Miller - Editor
Selia Karsten - Editor
Diana Denton - Editor
Deborah Orr - Editor
Isabella Colalillo Kates - Editor
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Hardcover - 262 pages
Release Date: February 2005
ISBN10: 0-7914-6351-6
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-6351-2

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Paperback - 262 pages
Release Date: February 2005
ISBN10: 0-7914-6352-4
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Explores the theory, practice, and poetics of spiritual and holistic education.

In Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education, scholars from around the globe address the theory, practice, and poetics of holistic education. Some of the topics explored include educating the soul; partnership education; nourishing adolescents’ spirituality; education and the modern assault on being human; the Eros of teaching; personal creativity as soul work; pedagogies of compassion; and meditation, masculinity, and meaningful life.

"This book contains exceptionally thoughtful analyses and genuine wisdom. The authors, many of whom are leading voices for a more holistic understanding of education, raise vitally essential questions about the nature and purpose of education. They provide a coherent, deeply reflective understanding of holistic education as a response to these questions." — Ron Miller, author of What Are Schools For? Holistic Education in American Culture

Contributors include Gary Babiuk, Marni Binder, Rina Cohen, Diana Denton, Riane Eisler, David Forbes, Selia Karsten, Isabella Colalillo Kates, Rachael Kessler, Bok Young Kim, Anna F. Lemkow, John P. Miller, Thomas Moore, Ayako Nozawa, Deborah Orr, Edmund O’Sullivan, Young-Mann Park, Christopher Reynolds, Susan A. Schiller, Douglas Sloan, Celeste Snowber, Min-Young Song, Leslie Owen Wilson, and Atsuhiko Yoshida.

John P. Miller is Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. He is the author or editor of more than a dozen books, including Education and the Soul: Toward a Spiritual Curriculum, also published by SUNY Press. Selia Karsten is Sessional Lecturer in the Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning Department at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. Diana Denton is Associate Professor and Director of Communication, Leadership, and Social Innovation at the University of Waterloo. Deborah Orr is Associate Professor of Humanities at York University. Isabella Colalillo Kates teaches at the University of Western Ontario and at Centennial College in Toronto.

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Table of Contents


Introduction: Holistic Learning
John P. Miller

Part 1. Theorizing a Pedagogy of Wholeness: Awakening Self, Soul, and Spirit

1. Educating for the Soul
Thomas Moore

2. Reflections on Our Common Lifelong Learning Journey
Anna F. Lemkow

3. Education and the Modern Assault on Being Human: Nurturing Body, Soul, and Spirit
Douglas Sloan

4. Tomorrow's Children: Education for a Partnership World
Riane Eisler

5. Emancipatory Hope: Transformative Learning and the "Strange Attractors"
Edmund O'Sullivan

6. Teilhard de Chardin and Holistic Education
Bok Young Kim

7. Minding the Soul in Education: Conceptualizing and Teaching the Whole Person
Deborah Orr

8. Nourishing Adolescents' Spirituality
Rachael Kessler

9. Won Hyo's One Heart-Mind and Meditation on One Heart-Mind as Part of Holistic Education
Young-Mann Park and Min-Young Song

Part 2. Practices: Integrating Self, Soul, and Spirit in the Classroom

10. Caring Classroom Relationships Take Time and Commitment: One School's Vision of a Holistic Learning Community
Gary Babiuk

11. Interface of Holistic Changes in Japanese Schools and Waldorf Education
Atsuhiko Yoshida

12. Remembering the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Imagining the Future: The Storytelling Project at Lord Dufferin Public School
Marni Binder

13. Journal Writing in Mathematics Education: Communicating the Affective Dimension of Mathematics Learning
Rina Cohen

14. In Da Zone: Meditation, Masculinity, and a Meaningful Life
David Forbes

15. Contemplating Great Things in Soul and Place
Susan A. Schiller

16. Listening to Ancient Voices: Reaching Hearts and Souls through Benchmarks and Rites of Passage Experiences in Schools
Leslie Owen Wilson

Part 3. Inspiring Wholeness: The Poetics of Holistic Education

17. In the Flame of the Heart: Toward a Pedagogy of Compassion
Diana Denton

18. The Creative Journey: Personal Creativity as Soul Work
Isabella Colalillo Kates

19. A Gathering of Orphans: Struggling for Liberation and Awakening within the Goal
F. Christopher Reynolds

20. The Eros of Teaching
Celeste Snowber

21. Flowing Together in the Rainbow: Experiences from Two Workshops on Art Making and Meditation
Ayako Nozawa

22. Conclusion: Seeking Wholeness
John P. Miller

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