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Teaching Cooperative Learning
The Challenge for Teacher Education
Teaching Cooperative Learning
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Elizabeth G. Cohen - Editor
Celeste M. Brody - Editor
Mara Sapon-Shevin - Editor
SUNY series, Teacher Preparation and Development
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Hardcover - 248 pages
Release Date: January 2004
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Release Date: January 2004
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Winner of the 2004 AESA Critics' Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Explores cooperative learning practices.

Teacher educators from ten institutions and programs in the United States, Canada, and Germany describe the ways in which they have changed teacher preparation to more fully incorporate cooperative learning concepts. Analytical commentaries on the programs highlight the learning experience of these programs as well as underlying issues of needed reforms in teacher education.

Included among best practices in education, cooperative learning may require a shift in program philosophy and disciplinary areas to meet the challenge of complex organizations and diverse student populations. As the essays in the volume demonstrate, a new alignment of field experiences to provide support for novices to implement cooperative strategies, and to receive timely and effective supervision for these attempts, may also be required.

"The diversity of the authors and the wide range of issues addressed are two of the most noticeable and outstanding features of this book. It presents a fresh view and insight about quality cooperative learning efforts. The editors are to be congratulated for this collection." — Robert J. Stahl, editor of Cooperative Learning in Science: A Handbook for Teachers

Contributors include Stephen Anderson, Lynda Baloche, Danielle Briggs, Celeste M. Brody, Mark Brubacher, Elaine Chin, Elizabeth G. Cohen, Daniel Darigan, Neil Davidson, Robin Erwin, Nikola Filby, Claudia Finkbeiner, Chandra J. Foote, Bob Hanley, Joellen Harris, Rachel A. Lotan, Frank Lyman, Mary Male, Susana Mata, Susan McBride, Mary Murray, Nancy G. Nagel, Theresa Perez, Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana, Carol Rolheiser, Mara Sapon-Shevin, Nancy Schniedewind, Yael Sharan, Thomas J. Sheeran, Frances Slostad, Patricia Swanson, Paul J. Vermette, and Jennifer Wilson Bridgman.

Elizabeth G. Cohen is Professor Emerita of Education and Sociology at Stanford University. Celeste M. Brody is Instructional Dean at Central Oregon Community College. Mara Sapon-Shevin is Professor of Inclusive Education at Syracuse University.

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Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Foreword: A Teacher Educator's Perspective
Yael Sharan


Mara Sapon-Shevin

Part I: The Cases

1. Practices in Teacher Education and Cooperative Learning at the University of Toronto
Carol Rolheiser and Stephen Anderson

2. Teacher Decision Making for Cooperative Learning in a Preservice Master's Program
Celeste M. Brody and Nancy G. Nagel

3. Educating Teachers for Socially Conscious Cooperative Learning
Nancy Schniedewind

4. Cooperative Learning in Teacher Education: A Four-Year Model
Joellen Harris and Bob Hanley

5. Cooperative Learning in Preservice Teacher Education at the University of Maryland
Frank Lyman and Neil Davidson

6. Preparing Secondary Teachers to Use Cooperative Learning Strategies
Chandra J. Foote, Paule J. Vermette, Jennifer Wilson-Bridgman, Thomas J. Sheeran, Robin Erwin, and Mary Murray

7. Cooperation and Collaboration in a Foreign Language Teacher Training Program: The LMR-Plus Model
Claudia Finkbeiner

8. The Integrated Semester: Building Preservice Teachers' Commitments to the Use of Cooperative Learning as Essential Pedagogy
Frances Slostad, Lynda Baloche, and Daniel Darigan

9. Teaching Demanding Strategies for Cooperative Learning: A Comparative Study of Five Teacher Education Programs
Elizabeth G. Cohen, Danielle Briggs, Nikola Filby, Elaine Chin, Mary Male, Susana Mata, Susan McBride, Theresa Perez, Rosalinda Quintanar-Sarellana, Patricia Swanson

10. Stepping into Groupwork
Rachel A. Lotan

Part II: Commentaries

11. The Instructional Design of Cooperative Learning for Teacher Education
Celeste M. Brody

12. Pockets of Excellence: Implications for Organizational Change
Elizabeth G. Cohen

13. Cooperative Learning and Teaching for Social Justice
Mara Sapon-Shevin

14. The Role of the Classroom Teacher in Teacher Education
Mark Brubacher

Mara Sapon-Shevin and Elizabeth G. Cohen



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