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Experiences between Philosophy and Communication
Engaging the Philosophical Contributions of Calvin O. Schrag
Experiences between Philosophy and Communication
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Ramsey Eric Ramsey - Editor
David James Miller - Editor
SUNY series in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
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Hardcover - 222 pages
Release Date: August 2003
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ISBN13: 978-0-7914-5875-4

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Paperback - 222 pages
Release Date: August 2003
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Leading scholars address the work of American philosopher Calvin O. Schrag.

Providing developments and advancements concerning the thought of Calvin O. Schrag, this book includes the first full-length interview with the American continental philosopher and covers his long and illustrative philosophical contribution to thinking about the consequences of communication. The influence of Schrag's work is significant and broad, and these nine thought-provoking pieces by leading scholars whose work has been influenced by his philosophy presents the best contemporary thought on communicative praxis. Encompassing questions of democracy, the public and private spheres, and relations inside organizational structures, to questions of giving and ethics, rhetoric and narrative, suffering and love, this is a wellspring of insight and provocation for both those already familiar with Schrag's work and those seeking a keen invitation to his many critical reflections.

"Mature and sophisticated, this book is a needed tribute to one of the leading American phenomenologists/continental philosophers." — Corey Anton, author of Selfhood and Authenticity

"This collection of essays by first-rate scholars gets better and better as the ideas of Schrag are engaged by distinctive voices speaking from widely varying locales within the communication discipline. A real 'page-turner.'" — Christopher N. Poulos, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Contributors include Stanley Deetz, Amy Grim, Michael J. Hyde, Lenore Langsdorf, Alexander Lyon, Raymie McKerrow, David James Miller, Michael J. Millington, Dennis K. Mumby, Majia Nadesan, Stephen Pluhacek, Ramsey Eric Ramsey, and Calvin O. Schrag.

Ramsey Eric Ramsey is Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Faculty Director of the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University West. He is the author of The Long Path to Nearness. David James Miller has degrees in Philosophy and Cultural Studies from Purdue University.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: In-between Philosophy and Communication Studies
Ramsey Eric Ramsey

Part I. Conversation as Invitation to Dialogue

1. From the Loving Struggle to the Struggle to Love: A Conversation with Calvin O. Schrag
Ramsey Eric Ramsey and David James Miller

Part II. Publics and Their Problems

2. Communicative Praxis and Collective Decision Making: From Phenomenology to the Politics of Experience to Dialogic Constitutive Practices
Stanley Deetz, Amy Grim, and Alexander Lyon

3. Limitations of the Public Sphere: The Repressive Voice of Modernity
Raymie McKerrow

4. Transversing Dualisms and Situating the Embodied Self in Organizational Theory and Practice
Majia Holmer Nadesan

Part III. On Giving and Suffering

5. The Gift of Acknowledgment
Michael J. Hyde

6. Awaiting the Year of the Donkey
Stephen Pluhacek

7. On Hearing the Call: From the Pain of Affliction toward Healing
David James Miller and Michael J. Millington

Part IV. Philosophizing the In-between

8. Feminism after Postmodernity: Some Places of Narrative in Communicative Praxis
Dennis K. Mumby

9. Epistemology, Tropology, Hermeneutic, and the "Essence of Language"
Lenore Langsdorf

10. Procreation in a Beautiful Medium: Eroticizing the Vectors of Communicative Praxis
Ramsey Eric Ramsey

Selected Publications by Calvin O. Schrag



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