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Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity
Applications and Interventions
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity
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Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor
SUNY series, Studying the Self
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Release Date: February 2002
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Release Date: February 2002
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Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.

What are the major self and identity concerns for early adolescents? What are the applications and interventions that can address those concerns, helping to ease the transition into later adolescence and adulthood? Providing a broad and interdisciplinary approach to studying the self, the contributors emphasize the practical implications of their work for understanding early adolescent self and identity and for designing interventions that facilitate development and adjustment. The book consists of four major sections, in which contributors address conceptual issues, school transitions, peer and behavioral problems, and intervention programs.

Contributors include Françoise Alsaker, Margarita Azmitia, Gilbert J. Botvin, Carol Burk-Braxton, Thomas M. Brinthaupt, Peggy Clements, David L. DuBois, Nancy L. Deutsch, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Catrin Finkenauer, Barton J. Hirsch, Michael H. Kernis, Shun Lau, Richard P. Lipka, Wim Meeus, Dan Olweus, Annerieke Oosterwegel, Robert W. Roeser, Lawrence M. Scheier, Edward Seidman, Randall G. Starling, Heather D. Tevendale, Lily Dow Velarde, and Nina B. Wallerstein.

Thomas M. Brinthaupt is Professor of Psychology at Middle Tennessee State University, and Richard P. Lipka is Professor and Director of the Center for Educational Services, Evaluation and Research at Pittsburg State University. They are the editors of The Role of Self in Teacher Development; Changing the Self: Philosophies, Techniques, and Experiences; Self-Perspectives across the Life Span; and The Self: Definitional and Methodological Issues, all published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents


1. Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity: An Introduction
Thomas M. Brinthaupt & Richard P. Lipka

Part I. Conceptual Issues

2. Self and Identity in Early Adolescence: The Pains and Gains of Knowing Who and What You Are
Catrin Finkenauer, Rutger C. M. E. Engels, Wim Meeus, & Annerieke Oosterwegel

3. Self-Esteem as a Multifaceted Construct
Michael H. Kernis

Part II. School and the Sense of Self

4. On Academic Identity Formation in Middle School Settings During Early Adolescence: A Motivational-Contextual Perspective
Robert W. Roeser & Shun Lau

5. The Ecology of Middle Grades School and Possible Selves: Theory, Research, and Action
Peggy Clements & Edward Seidman

Part III. Peer Relationships and Behavioral Problems

6. Self, Self-Esteem, Conflicts, and Best Friendships in Early Adolscence
Margarita Azmitia

7. Stability and Change in Global Self-Esteem and Self-Related Affect
Françoise Alsaker & Dan Olweus

8. Influence of Competence and Alcohol Use on Self-Esteem: Latent Growth Curve Models Using Longitudinal Date
Lawrence M. Scheier & Gilbert J. Botvin

Part IV. Early Adolescent Interventions

9. Identity in Early Adolescence via Social Change Activities: Experience of the Adolescent Social Action Program
Lily Dow Velarde, Randall G. Starling, & Nina B. Wallerstein

10. A Place to Call Home: Youth Organizations in the Lives of Inner City Adolescents
Nancy L. Deutsch & Barton J. Hirsch

11. Esteem-Enhancement Interventions During Early Adolescence
David L. DuBois, Carol Burk-Braxton, & Heather D. Tevendale


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