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Transnational Competence
Rethinking the U.S.-Japan Educational Relationship
Transnational Competence
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John N. Hawkins - Editor
William K. Cummings - Editor
SUNY series, Frontiers in Education
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Hardcover - 205 pages
Release Date: August 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4631-X
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4631-7

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Paperback - 205 pages
Release Date: August 2000
ISBN10: 0-7914-4632-8
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Offers the definitive study of United States-Japan educational exchange relationship.

Born out of a bilateral project between distinguished scholars in Japan and the United States, Transnational Competence provides a definitive and comprehensive study of the status of relations between these two countries in an educational context. The book covers a wide-ranging array of themes, from an analysis of the traditions of educational exchange, the role of grassroots organizations, the knowledge network, university exchanges, language competence and scientific and technical exchanges. "Policy makers in either Japan or the U.S. will find this book extremely useful in formulating position papers on a whole range of educational and government reforms aimed at making people more aware and technically capable of handling changes that have already begun to show in how nations interact with one another." -- Richard Rubinger, chair, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Indiana University, and coeditor of Proliferating Talent: Essays on Politics, Thought, and Education in the Meiji Era

Contributors include Yoshiya Abe, Philip G. Altbach, Peggy Blumenthal, William K. Cummings, John N. Hawkins, Kazue Masuyama, Akimasa Mitsuta, Shigeru Nakayama, Tina Yamano Nisida, Yoshiro Tanaka, Toru Umakoshi, Roberta Wollons, and Richard J. Wood.

John N. Hawkins, Professor of Comparative and International Education and former Dean of International Studies and Overseas Programs at UCLA, is coeditor of Development or Deterioration: Work in Rural Asia. William K. Cummings is Professor and Director of the Center for Comparative and Global Studies in Education at the University at Buffalo. He is coeditor (with Philip Altbach) of Challenge of Eastern Asian Education, also published by SUNY Press.

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Table of Contents



Exchanges in a Borderless World Economy

Richard J. Wood

Part 1:
The Challenge

1. Transnationalism and Transnational Competence

William K. Cummings

2. The Knowledge Network

Philip G. Altbach and Toru Umakoshi

3. Foreign Language Education

Kazue Masuyama

Part 2:
Educational Exchanges

4. An Overview of Cultural and Educational Exchanges

Akimasa Mitsuta and Peggy Blumenthal

5. Sister City and High School Exchanges

Yoshiya Abe and Roberta Wollons

6. Collegiate Exchanges

John N. Hawkins, Yoshiro Tanaka, and Tina Yamano Nishida

7. Technological Exchanges

William K. Cummings and Shigeru Nakayama

Part 3:
Transnational Competence and Japan

8. Japan's Role in Transnational Education

Yoshiya Abe

9. A New Focus for Japan

Shigeru Nakayama and Yoshiro Tanaka

Redesigning the U.S.-Japan Linkage

John N. Hawkins




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