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Values and Educational Leadership
Values and Educational Leadership
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Paul T. Begley - Editor
SUNY series, Educational Leadership
Hardcover - 341 pages
Release Date: August 1999
ISBN10: 0-7914-4291-8
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4291-3

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Paperback - 341 pages
Release Date: August 1999
ISBN10: 0-7914-4292-6
ISBN13: 978-0-7914-4292-0

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Values and Educational Leadership extends beyond the presentation of expert opinion to blend theory, research, and practice for a comprehensive examination of values in educational leadership. It analyzes personal values manifested by individuals, professional values of administration, and collective values exhibited by groups, societies, and organizations.

The book merges the collective wisdom of some of the best known and most respected philosophers, theorists, and researchers currently working in the field, including: Derek J. Allison, Paul T. Begley, Paul V. Bredeson, Elizabeth Campbell, Daniel L. Duke, Frederick S. Ellett Jr., Colin Evers, William Foster, Margaret Grogan, Christopher Hodgkinson, Olof Johansson, Gabriele Lakomski, Kenneth Leithwood, Pauline Leonard, Kevin Roche, James Ryan, Don Shakotko, Francie Smith, Keith Walker, and Donald J. Willower.

Paul T. Begley is Associate Professor and Centre Head, Centre for the Study of Values and Leadership, Ontario Institute for the Study of Education, University of Toronto. He is also the co-director of the UCEA Centre for the Study of Leadership and Ethics at the University of Virginia.

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Table of Contents


Christopher Hodgkinson



Paul T. Begley

Part I
Value Praxis and Ethical Leadership

Introduction to Part I Practitioner and Organizational Perspectives on Values in Administration

Paul T. Begley

Chapter One
Envisioning the Good Organization: Steps toward a Philosophy of Organization

Daniel L. Duke

Chapter Two
An Organizational Perspective on Values for Leaders of Future Schools

Kenneth Leithwood

Chapter Three
Value Orchestration by the Policy Community for the Learning Community: Reality or Myth

Olof Johansson and Paul V. Bredeson

Chapter Four
Beyond the Veil: Moral Educational Administration and Inquiry in a Postmodern World

James Ryan

Chapter Five
Administrative Science, the Postmodern, and Community

William Foster

Part II
Values Theory: Debates and Developments

Introduction to Part II: The Place of Values in Theories of Administration

Paul T. Begley

Chapter Six
Values and Valuation: A Naturalistic Inquiry

Donald J. Willower

Chapter Seven
The Will to Power

Christopher Hodgkinson

Chapter Eight
Ethical School Leadership: Problems of an Elusive Role

Elizabeth Campbell

Chapter Nine
Values, Socially-Distributed Cognition, and Organizational Practice

Gabriele Lakomski and Colin Evers

Chapter Ten
Evers and Lakomski on Values in Educational Administration: Less Than Hcoherent

Derek J. Allison and Frederick S. Ellett, Jr

Part III
Research on Values and Leadership: Findings and Implications

Introduction To Part III: Competing Research Paradigms and Alternate Perspectives

Paul T. Begley

Chapter Eleven
Examining Educational Purposes and Underlying Value Orientations in Schools

Pauline E. Leonard

Chapter Twelve
Value Preferences, Ethics, and Conflicts in School Administration

Paul T. Begley

Chapter Thirteen
Moral and Ethical Dilemmas in Catholic School Settings

Kevin Roche

Chapter Fourteen
A Feminist Perspective of Women Superintendents' Approaches to Moral Dilemmas

Margaret Grogan and Francie Smith

Chapter Fifteen
The Canadian Superintendency: Value-Based Challenges and Pressures

Keith Walker and Don Shakotko

Chapter Sixteen
Values and Educational Leadership: An Agenda for the Future

Paul T. Begley

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